What’s Wrong With Your Vibration?
Maybe Nothing or Is It Everything?

Let me give you something to think about…

Your thoughts fuel your emotions, and your emotions fuel your vibration.

So, in short, if you can reframe your thinking, then you can adjust your emotions so that you can achieve high vibration.

It sounds easy, I know. But has any of us ever succeeded in doing this?

Maybe yes, maybe no.

But the goal here is to keep trying.

You see, years ago, a close friend of mine kept telling me that she wanted to heal from her past traumas, pains, and aches.

But it seemed like it followed her everywhere. No matter how many healing retreats, meditation sessions, or therapy she attended – once she gets home, she’d always go back to square one.

I asked her: Have you ever considered that you might be the problem? Like maybe your thoughts revolve around what has happened and not the part where you should free and heal yourself from it?

I continue to tell her that it’s all in the mind. It’s that one thing that you can control, and the rest will follow.

Step 1: Frame Your Thoughts

We all have plans. We all have dreams. But what are we doing to get them?

Have you ever thought that you’re hanging on too much on doubt and what-ifs?

Why don’t you do a little mix and match with your brain? Pair your goals with positive thoughts.

“I want abundance to flow into my life naturally.” should be paired with affirmations such as: “I deserve this / I know I can do this / I welcome it with open arms.”

“I want to heal from my past traumas and hurt.” should be paired with thoughts like: “I am ready to heal / I free myself from pain / I let go of what no longer serves me.”

What happens when you do that is you’re restructuring your thoughts, which will then give you positive emotions.

Step 2: Focus on the Positive

Choose to feel positive emotions rather than linger on the negative ones.

I’m not saying you should completely brush off any negative emotions; they are as important as the positive ones, after all. Why?

Because when you feel negative emotions like fear, guilt, shame, it may bring your vibration down.

But once you are able to rise above it, you will vibrate at a level you’ve never imagined.

And, of course, knowing the bad makes the good all worth it.

Step 3: Be Mindful of Your Vibration

To live the life of your dreams, you have to have a high vibration.

Right now, there might be nothing wrong with your vibration.

But if you’ve been trying to manifest the life you want and nothing’s happening, then it’s time to rethink if your energy is aligned with what you want.

There are factors that you can consider that might be blocking you from having the life you deserve.

I know it may be hard to find out, but that’s why I created a powerful shortcut that will tell you what’s hindering you from having what you wish for.

Watch the video now, and I’ll see you in a bit.

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