Healing Conversations with the Universe

What if you had the opportunity to have healing conversations with your very own Universe?

“Wouldn’t that be great?” is what I thought when my sister-in-law, who was a licensed therapist and healer, first introduced me to this idea.

But then she explained how we’re all naturally doing it already.

You see, our thoughts are constantly communicating something – even without any words coming out of our mouths!

And these messages can absolutely impact our emotional state in either positive or negative ways depending on whether they come from a dialogue between two people (a conversation) or one person talking aloud alone into their head.

Let me explain.

When you do your inner dialogue or self-talk, have you ever thought about who’s doing the talking and who’s listening?

Or even the profound effect this particular self-talk has on you?

Your conversations with yourself carry a vibration; It’s an energetic communication that goes beyond the words you speak to yourself.

In short, your self-talk is actually a conversation with the Universe.

The Power of Self-Talk

You are equipped with an amazing tool: the power of your thoughts and self-talk.

Your mind can heal you, but it will all depend on what you tell yourself when you’re alone and talking to yourself.

Or during moments when you’re lying in bed contemplating about your problems while examining them through a mental lens that’s tinted by regretful memories from years ago.

These scenarios have either a positive or negative effect depending on what words come out of your mouth!

So, how can you use this magical connection that you have with the Universe to heal?

You can start by addressing your past pains, traumas, aches, fears, and guilt because these are the things that are blocking you from living the life you want.

Take time to acknowledge the things that are holding you back.

By doing this, you will become stronger, and you will have the power to manifest anything you want.

Healing Conversation Prompts

To jumpstart your healing conversations with the Universe, you can choose from these healing prompts and simply begin.

  • I need more… (to give you the direction you need in order to manifest)
  • I feel… (acknowledge current feelings, are you grounded? disconnected?)
  • My intuition talks to me by… (go within to find out how you receive inner guidance)
  • I feel amazing when I… (talk about your self-love or self-care practices)

Use these Conversations to Remove Blockages

You are a powerful being.

You have the ability to manifest anything you want; All you need to do is trust yourself and believe in the Universe.

Use these conversations to pinpoint what you need to heal from.

It may take months or even a year — it’s not a conversation with the Universe that you can have overnight.

But what if…

Right now, there was a way to find out what specific experiences from your past are holding you back?

Blocking you from healing and manifesting the life you’ve been dreaming of?

All you need to do is watch the video below, and you’re all set.

The question is, are you ready for the answers?

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