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Hi, I’m Jace Little but most people call me White Crow. I am an energy healer and a vibrational researcher. And I want to welcome you here. 

Before you take a look around I want to invite you to take a moment to yourself. What is your life like at the moment? What brings you here? Is your life how you imagined it would be? Will your life be like this for the rest of your life?

These are the questions I had to ask myself when everything fell apart around me.

I was once one of those classic achievers. You know the ones…  The ones who seem to have it all and achieve things so easily? The ones who look as though nothing will stop them from reaching the heights of success and happiness? The ones that everyone admires and respects! The ones that the universe just wants to embrace and nurture. The ones whose material gains was their measure of ego.

My self worth was tied to external drivers – the relationship, the body, the money, the success, and the respect I thought I was getting.

But then I lost everything. I could barely get out of bed nor look at myself in the mirror. I was ashamed and angry that I couldn’t be what I thought I was meant to be. I lost my friends, my partner, money, and my job. And without the external praises and the achievements that I so highly valued and was accustomed to, I realized I had no validity, no substance, no truth. When I peeled back the layers of myself I realized I was nothing. I was as hollow as a drum.

And now, I was just another one of those failures.

It was an excruciatingly painful realization. Quite simply my life was void of meaning and I could see no light at the end of my tunnel. With mounting debt and no one to turn to, it felt like I was trapped in a tunnel with two bullet trains heading my way ready to crush me to pieces. It was my own “Dark Night of the soul”.

But through a series of coincidences, which I now know were synchronicities, I set on a path to discover my life purpose. I literally had nothing to lose.

Through these synchronous encounters, I began my path into the discovery of healing powers of sound and vibrations.

Since my own healing through Master Zhou and his techniques, I have dedicated my life to researching energy flows (Qi), sacred sounds, vibrations, and their secret powers of healing. And my life began to change because I was aligned with the universe.

Now, I am an energy healer and a lifelong researcher of sounds and vibrations.

My dedicated team helped me put together the sacred sounds to raise your vibrations so you too can be reborn.

So once again welcome to my website and I hope you take the time to read our articles and find the resources helpful in your life.

Join us in the incredible world of energy and sound healing.

Remember, YOU are a divine being. And YES you deserve anything you ask for.