Flower Medicine: It’s Time to Experience its Healing Vibrations

You may have never considered using flower essences to calm your anxiety and help you on your spiritual journey, but they can be a wonderful accompaniment that leaves an unforgettable impression with their healing properties.

Does this sound like something you want to explore?

For as long as we can remember, Mother Earth has always held the key to our survival.

We owe an enormous amount of current medical knowledge to ancient folk medicine that provided us with food and medicines for centuries.

Sadly, much wisdom has been branded “alternative” when it should be considered a holistic lifestyle choice that is just another option in today’s society rather than something afterthought-worthy.

Flowers bring a burst of positive energy into our lives!

A Flower Bath may not be the most convenient way to heal, but it sure is effective!

Whether you’re aware of it or not, flowers have been aiding our healing for centuries.

They make us feel good and show us nature’s beauty in a different light.

In certain Shamanic Traditions in South America, they are an integral part of their ritualistic practices related to health restoration.

They see them as sacred gifts from Mother Nature herself that can help cleanse away any negativity that might’ve seeped into someone’s aura over time.

Dr. Edward Bach, a bacteriologist, and pathologist originally from Wales, was way ahead of his time, understanding that flowers had the power to heal people on an energetic level through their healing energy.

He found this out while he studied with Drs. Schussler Davidoff-Ferrari at the University of Wurzburg who were pioneering research into flower essences as far back as 1924 when Dr. Bach came over for training in pathology and parasitology (in other words examining disease).

Bach took what is now referred to by many health professionals today in alternative medicine circles like naturopathy or traditional Chinese medicine —

These principles known collectively under “floral therapy” are based upon ancient beliefs about plants acting synergistically.

Dr. Bach knew that people are more than their physical bodies and had a deep understanding of the power in supporting natural rhythms, which is why he pioneered flower essence therapy.

He saw illness as an imbalance between our energetic body or higher self with the physical one and used this knowledge to develop his own form of treatment for healing patients from within.

Flower Essence Therapy

Dr. Bach captured the essence of flowers. He placed the flowers in a bowl of distilled water and left it out in the sun.

The flower’s distinct vibration is ‘remembered’ by molecules (water has been proven to have a memory and to be affected positively) and infused with an energy-boosting vibrational essence!

Dr. Bach knew that these flower essences would interact with people’s spiritual, emotional, and energetic bodies to serve as a means for them by addressing the root cause of their illness — an emotion they are struggling to cope with.

There are vibrations that exist beyond the physical plane, and they can work on our energetic body through meridians.

These very same spots where disease manifests before we have symptoms with which to understand it — those are found in these meridians!

Dr. Bach created 38 original remedies for a specific mental or emotional problem, including fear, lack of confidence, insecurity, and more.

They can be used to boost your meditation practice and yoga practice as well as help you during pregnancy with childbirth!

You’ll also find them helpful when it comes time to speak in public — Dr. Bach even proposed that these are the go-to solution if you’re looking for some extra inspiration while writing creatively!

Flowers have a powerful way of reflecting the person who is looking at them.

This means that when you look into their vibrational essence, they are essentially mirroring back what your inner transformation needs to focus on for it to work through challenge and change.

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