Good Energies Flow: How to Develop a Good Energetic Hygiene

How aware are you of your energy field? 

We all have an energy field, and we interact with people through this. 

Your energy field determines the quality of the life force that flows within and outside of you. 

Many of us can’t see our energy fields, but most of us can feel them. 

Energy Hygiene

If there’s personal hygiene, there’s also energetic hygiene, and not a lot of people know this. 

Energetic hygiene is being aware of your energy field and developing a practice to alter your energy. 

Taking care of your energy is important because there are many instances when we unknowingly give our energy away or let it all go wonky. 

For one, we often fail to establish healthy boundaries for countless reasons, the most common one is when you can’t say no. Indeed, some people find it difficult to say “no,” and many think that this makes them a good person. 

In some cases, maybe it does. But it has a detrimental effect on your energy. 

Eventually, you will feel bitter, resentful, and just oh-so-negative. The thing is, you can’t blame anyone but yourself? 

Always remember this: you’re always in control of your experience and your energy. It’s your responsibility and no one else’s. 

When you set and respect your boundaries, others will, too. 

So, how do you develop good energetic hygiene? 

Practicing Energetic Hygiene

An effective way to practice energetic hygiene is to make time for a daily energy cleansing routine. If every day isn’t possible, do it once a week. 

Cleansing your energies involves grounding, the cleansing itself, charging, and shielding. 

I suggest cleansing showers that are easy to do, which you can read about here. 

Another way to cleanse is to simply sit in the sun and take in its warmth, and just letting yourself release any negative energy.

You can also rub your hands together and pull them apart just an inch. Allow yourself to feel the energy surging between them and use your hands to wipe off any energetic debris. 

Above all, check your own energy. After all, energetic hygiene is all about being aware of your energy. 

You might think this is easy, but many struggles to confront their energy. Add to that the ego, wants, and desires that complicate our energy fields further. 

Remember that time when you stretched out your silence with your partner longer than needed because you enjoy the feeling of them trying to make it up to you? It feels good, huh?

When you receive this kind of treatment, you experience a surge in energy. And this isn’t good because you’re trying to “gain” from others. 

Lastly, don’t be too hard on yourself. 

We’re all learning here. 

I’m also pretty sure that we’re all doing our best. So, start small.

Here’s a quick prompt to help you kick off your energetic hygiene: Where in your life do you need it most?

Start from there.

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