Moving On vs. Healing: What it Truly Mean to Let Go

One thing is certain… life is ever-moving and always changing.

We can’t help ourselves but move forward with it, but the question is, are we healing?

Because these two may seem similar but the journey of each is different.

Whether you’ve experienced loss, betrayal, disappointment, or any kind of traumatic experience, sooner or later, you will need to move on from it because you can’t live the same day over and over again.

But healing, no, this is a different story. Healing requires your involvement.

Your inner self, your higher self, your inner child, and everything else inside you — their presence are required.

What Does it Truly Mean to Let Go?

There is a hidden beauty in our ability to feel pain and emotionally process it.

Pain can be physical or emotional, but only through that feeling of hurt do we have an opportunity to make decisions about how we should act going forward.

It’s our chance for self-growth!

What’s beautiful about being human is our instinctive desire and drive toward personal growth and understanding — even if there are some moments where you might not want this kind of knowledge (like when something painful or difficult happens).

But as I always say: The best lessons come at us after hard times. A bad day and a bad week do not mean you are going to have a bad life. You have the ultimate choice to be happy.

Letting go may be easier said than done.

But this is how you will know if you’ve already let go of a specific event or pain in your life.

Simply place a mental check on these questions.

If you’ve answered YES to all questions then you have fully let go of what has been holding you back. If you’ve answered YES to some then there are still some things you need to work on.

If you’ve answered NO to all the questions, then my dear, you are still holding on to your past.

Moving On and Healing

It is completely okay. There are no wrong answers here and we all move on differently from what has hurt us or traumatized us.

What’s important is you’re already doing the necessary steps to heal.

Don’t rush yourself. When it comes to letting go, these are the sure steps to success.

Step 1: Move On

Move forward even if it’s tough to do so.

Choose to be happy. Choose to march forward with your head held high.

Step 2: Heal

Heal through meditation, daily affirmation, or acknowledging what has transpired.

Wring out all the valuable lessons you may learn from them and use them as you step forward to the future.

Step 3: Let Go

Release all the things that have served their purpose.

These can be commitments, people, things, events, promises – anything! Let them all go and feel renewed.

Become the person you are meant to be.

Become the person your soul aspired you to be.

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