Nurturing Meditation, Positive Vibrations

Vibration and Its Healing Abilities

A Harvard Professor coined this term… 

It is a term that will heal you from high blood pressure to migraines to muscles cramps just to name a few. 

The founder of Mind/Body Medical Institute at Boston’s Deaconess Hospital, Harvard Professor Herbert Benson, coined the term relaxation response. 

This Relaxation Response, which is a state of deep relaxation, leads to physiological changes in the body. 

When your body is at relaxation response you are in a mental, physical and emotional state that leads to lower blood pressure, decreased heart and metabolic rates and slower breathing. 

Dr. Benson found that when you are in this state, it leads to many long-term health benefits in addition to the positive effects felt during the experience. 

But how can you get to this state? 

By Sound Vibrations. 

Sound Vibrations are widely used but not just to achieve relaxation response but also to heal. Best of all it is non-invasive, safe and effective. 

And it has shown to decrease pain, anxiety and symptoms of illness.

Olav Skille, a Norwegian therapist documented that vibratory frequencies between 30Hz and 120Hz are therapeutic and that the most beneficial were those between 40 and 80Hz. 

Based on 40,000 hours of therapy, Skille found that these vibratory frequencies helped in the treatment of autism, migraines, muscle cramps, cerebral palsy among other ailments. 

AND it has been in use in the US and Scandinavia since the 1970s and 1980s. 

Fast forward to now, Chiropractors use low frequency vibrations for muscle and joint pain, Acupuncturists apply pulsed microcurrents to increase effectiveness of treatment, even lithotripsy to shatter kidney stones… the benefits and uses are endless. 

To learn more about different sound therapies head over to the Sacred Sound Healing System website

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