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Using Chakra Sounds With Mudras

When we connect to the Divine through meditation, simply being in a seated position with our eyes closed are enough. But there are other ways to connect deeper to the Divine; aside from sound healing music, connecting with the spirit using chakra sound and Mudras can be highly effective to reach your desired meditative state. 

Chakra Sounds

First, let’s talk about chakra sounds. 

You are aware of the chakras in your body and the roles they play. 

But did you know that every chakra in the body is accompanied by a chakra sound known as seed mantra? 

These sounds are effective to tune the mind and body to the right energetic resonance. When you chant seed mantras, you can alter the flow of the energy in the body that will allow you to remove stagnant energetic blocks. 

Here are the seven mantra sounds associated with the seven chakras in the body: 

  1. Root chakra: LAM
  2. Sacral chakra: VAM
  3. Solar plexus chakra: RAM
  4. Heart chakra: YAM
  5. Throat chakra: HAM
  6. Third eye chakra: SHAM
  7. Crown chakra: OM

Mudras & Chakra Sounds

Now, how do you use Mudras with your chakra sounds? 

Mudras are sacred hand gestures that have been used for thousands of years in various traditions. They are a way to deepen one’s practice and awaken the power of the Divine. 

Today, Mudras are an essential tool to free the energy and direct it to various areas of the body that require healing. 

Just like chakra sounds, every Mudra has a specific purpose and moves the energy in a particular way to create subtle physical, mental, and emotional changes. 

Our hands are an extension of our hearts. Therefore, it can positively direct your thoughts and actions while you are in a meditative state and chanting your chakra sounds. It is said that the five elements are represented but the five fingers: 

  • Thumb: Fire
  • Forefinger: Wind
  • Middle Finger: Ether
  • Ring Finger: Earth
  • Little Finger: Water

Our fingers serve as electrical circuits and Mudras adjust the energy flow that balances these elements and help with healing and even, in manifestation. 

Here are some Mudras you can use along with chakra sounds that are easy to follow. While in a seated position, close your eyes, and do these hand gestures while you chant specific chakra sounds according to what you want to achieve: 

Jjana Mudra

Join the tip of your index finger against the tip of the thumb, while you let the other three fingers extend gently away. Rest the back of your hands onto your thighs with the palms facing upwards. This Audra unite the Self and the universe while the circle you make with your index finger and thumb “seals” to allow the energy to flow back into the body. 

Anjali Mudra

Bring the palms together and place the thumbs on the sternum with the fingers pointing upwards. Press the palms evenly and observe where the pressure is more intense. Bow the chin towards the thumbs and try toilet the sternum up towards the chin. 

When you join the palms together, you unite both sides of the brain that symbolizes your connection to yourself and others. Albeit this Mudra is usually accompanied by the word “Namaste,” you can use this with any chakra sound you see fit. 

Are you ready to get into a more powerful meditative state? 

Rise and heal.

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