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Using a Psi Ball to Heal Aches and Pains

A Psi Ball is a ball of energy that anyone can generate. It is easy to make and a fun activity to do. When you feel flat, creating a Psi Ball is a quick way to gather energy from the Universe and recharge your body. 

But did you know that you can use Psi Balls to ease your aches and pains? 

It may not happen instantly, but with a little patience and care, you will be amazed at the result. 

It is fast, effective, and ultra-easy. 

For beginners, you can start by gathering the energy in your hands with a few claps. 

As with any energy work, it is best to perform this at a place where you won’t be interrupted.

Let’s get the Psi Ball rolling!

  1. Sit comfortably
  2. Clap your hands a few times to fire up energy
  3. Rub your hands vigorously until you feel the heat
  4. Curve your hands as if covering a baseball without them touching
  5. Pull your hands away slowly
  6. Pull them back in
  7. Focus on the push and pull you feel when you move your hands
  8. Move your hands around gently as if you are rubbing a crystal ball
  9. With your Psi Ball in your hand, bring your hands onto where you feel pain
  10. Place your hands about 1 inch above the painful area 
  11. Visualise the distribution of the energy on the area
  12. Feel the warm healing energy 
  13. Mindfully release any tension you feel in that area

If at any time your Psi Ball dissipates, try it again. 

As you advance in your energy practice, you will feel the energy in your hands just by using visualisation. 

To increase its effect, you can also visualize the energy source entering through your feet and filling your body with warmth and light. 

You can then focus on the energy gathering on your hands then move your hands to the area of pain. 

Visualise different colors depending on what you are after. Blue is for relaxation, and violet is for healing. 

As you become even more advanced in your practice, you can begin to create an energy shield to protect yourself from negativity. 

If you found this helpful, let us know; otherwise, please share your success stories with us here! 

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