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Our minds and emotions cannot help but respond to sound. The response is inbred in us. Solfeggio frequencies, a 6-tone sound scale, are made up mostly of Gregorian chants. Each tone is a different frequency specifically designed to bring harmony and balance to the spirit and body.

The Solfeggio frequencies help our entire being achieve greater and healthier awareness. The frequencies are:

  1. Freedom from guilt and fear.
  2. Help bring about change.
  3. Transformation from within.
  4. Improving our relationships.
  5. Finding solutions to what is holding us back.
  6. Help improve our spirituality.

These frequencies became a part of more than 150 healing Gregorian chants centuries ago. The original hymn was intended to boost man’s spirituality and make him greater than himself. Attaining greatness is at the foundation of the healing Gregorian chants. When used, these frequencies can have a powerful effect on our whole being. Their hypnotic-like effect helps us relax and prepare our minds to accept new positivity into our lives.

One of the most critical frequency, improving relationships, is also known as 639 Hz. Its relevance is great because it connects everything else within us. It has been called “the love frequency” and is believed to bring about important transformations in our mind and body. Specifically, it is believed to reduce stress and increase energy. As such, it enables us to improve our self-esteem to help us accept more love into our lives. This can be life transforming. Since self-esteem builds upon itself, our confidence keeps increasing. We find ourselves capable of living a life we had never previously imagined possible.

The Solfeggio frequencies easily connect us to the universe in a unique and powerful way. That is what makes it such a strong healer. It serves to awaken us to a deeper level of being alive. As we enjoy a new spiritual blessing, we live more harmoniously with ourselves and with our family and friends.

A study in Japan indicated that stress was significantly reduced after subjects listened to only five minutes of the 639 Hz frequency. In another study, it was found that human cells improved by 20 percent after listening to this frequency.

Sound is and always has been a universal power. Even deaf people can feel the energy of vibrating frequencies. Music scientist Scott Mowry has indicated: “The original Solfeggio tones have the capacity to transform one’s life in miraculous ways.” Each frequency has its own benefit. When used together in harmony, they can access our subconscious to promote extraordinary healing on every level of our lives.

639 Hz fills us with absolute positive energy and our fills our heart with love. To strengthen the effect of the solfeggio frequencies, try meditating to the music. As you meditate, simply allow all negativity to flow out of you and let increased love and positivity become a part of you. You will be able to feel the difference.

You will seek better and more beneficial relationships and find ways of improving existing relationships. Your communication with others will improve and you react with love and understanding instead of anger and fear.

How to Use Solfeggio Frequencies

Receiving the benefits of Solfeggio sound healing is simple. If we focus on these frequencies at bedtime, we will fall asleep easily. At the same time, we will see a relevant increase in our relaxation, positive attitude, and productivity. We quickly notice the decrease in negative feelings. It’s as if our very existence were being elevated.

Check out our healing sound systems at Sacred Sound Healing System. You do not have to listen to the specific frequencies in any special order. The Gregorian monks sang them in no order at all. You don’t need headphones, but you can use them if you wish.

Get comfortable and listen to the sounds at a low volume. You can sit or lie down, whichever works best for you. Do this approximately three times a week for a month. For added benefits, you can listen to the Sacred Sound Healing System once each day. There is no pressure. Do what feels most comfortable for you. If possible, be consistent in the time that you listen, either mornings or evenings. Just allow yourself to be open to the powers of healing sounds.

When you are finished, continue with your day as usual.

The power of sound over the mind and body has been understood for many centuries. Sound can influence brainwaves to heal and allow us to live on a higher plane. Various frequencies can affect consciousness and even bring about altered consciousness. This provides us with a powerful tool for healing and enhanced living. While the science is ancient, modern scientists have become increasingly interested in the connection between sound and healing.

To learn more about the power of healing sounds, click here and find out how healing sounds can bring balance and peace into your life.

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