There’s Only ONE Thing You Need to Fix To Heal…

Do you feel tired or lethargic?

Do you feel restricted or stuck?

Do you find yourself with many negative or self-destructive thoughts?

These are energetic blocks.

Energetic blocks can cause you to self-sabotage. When you self-sabotage, you become unable to heal.

The problem is, how do you identify your blockages?

There’s no amount of visualization or journalling that can help you heal if you have blockages.

Energy blocks can manifest in the body due to negative thinking, stress, or fear amongst many others.

Remember, our bodies consist of a network of energy channels from our heads to our toes.

The energy system is responsible for making you feel healthy and vital physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

So, instead of doing visualization work, affirmations, and other techniques to help you heal, there’s one thing you need to pay close attention to first.

There’s one thing you need to fix to heal.

You need to clear your energetic blockages.

But first, you need to identify the biggest block that holds you back from the abundance you seek.

Therefore, I encourage you to take this quiz.

The quiz will help you identify your abundance type.

It will only take you 30 seconds, and you will know your biggest block that is holding you back, as well as your abundance type.

Once you have acknowledged and identified your energy blocks, there are simple ways to clear them.


Cleansing is one of the best things you can do to address your energy blocks.

Going on a cleanse or detox will work with digestion or nutrition issues, especially if you’re prone to colds or general sickness.

Cleansing can also help clear mental blocks as well.

The chemicals you consume every day can affect your hormones, which can leave you feeling drained and out of whack.

When your hormones are not balanced, your physical and mental health can be affected.

Consider cleansing “cleaning out the piping” in your body to help you fix a lot of issues you have.

It’s advisable you do this every three months or so to ensure everything’s clean and flowing in your body properly.


… and not just meditate.

You can use special tools to help you with this.

For one, Sacred Sound Healing System’s The Divine Clearing Ceremony is known as one of the most effective ways to clear energy blockages.

It’s an audio that you listen to while you meditate that can eliminate the blocks instantly.

Remember this: Humans are hardwired to resist solutions.

We tend to focus on the problems. And it’s normal for you to feel this way during the first few days.

As you go through the process of healing with our help, you will find yourself being more open to new possibilities.

You will notice that you are more focused on the solutions than the problems that come your way.

From there, you can receive your blessings from the Universe and you will start to heal.

Now, make the conscious choice to fix your blockages and take a huge step to healing.

Own it. Healing is within your reach.

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