The Three Rs for Resolving Pain: Re-live, Release, Relief

Have you ever heard about a spiritual release?

This is when you dive deep within yourself and learn more about your values, beliefs, and purpose.

Have you tried to sit down and ask yourself these things?

  • Who am I?
  • What is my purpose?
  • What do I truly believe in?
  • Where am I headed?

The only way to find the answers to these questions is by looking at yourself.

Finding out more about yourself will lead to profound insights.

And this can guide you in discovering what direction you want your life to go towards — be it for fulfilling goals, dreams, or aspirations.

What you can do to answer these questions is by following the Three Rs.

It’s a method that involves the exploration of your spiritual core.

It’s going into a deep state of meditation and meeting your higher self.

The part of you that’s connected to the Universe.

1. Re-live

Reliving the past can help you heal from what has hurt you.

Traumatic experiences are embedded in our brains.

They don’t go away quickly.

You have to re-live these moments to find out what helped you come out of it and what helped you become stronger.

By doing this, you will know what you truly believe in.

2. Release

After you’ve lived through painful memories, you now have the power to release them.

Since you had the courage to acknowledge them, it is now time to cut the ties that bind you to the things that have been holding you down.

This is a crucial step in finding out who you are and what your purpose is.

Releasing and letting go will give you the power and the motivation to start living the life you are meant to live — healed, whole, and ready for more.

3. Relief

Relief washes over you once you have finally let go of the past, along with the pain and aches that it brought you.

It’s an emotion that screams: REJOICE!

It will wrap around you like a mother’s hug, nurturing and caring.

Relief is what happens when you embrace the person that you are today.

The Three Rs for Resolving Pain

You don’t have to finish these steps overnight.

Sometimes, re-live takes days, weeks, or even months. What’s important is you are doing this for yourself.


Because resolving pain and letting it go will help you live the life you deserve — a life free of negativity and hurt.

Once you are done will all three steps, all that’s left is… living.

Living life to the fullest!

Experience it today! Watch the video and open the doors for endless opportunities.

Let abundance, serenity, and clarity surround you.

Go on, hit that play button, and I will see you at the healing space.

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