The Sri Yantra is an ancient and sacred geometrical symbol believed to be a tool one can use to fulfill all desires. “Sri” loosely translates to “wealth”, and “yantra” to “instrument”. It is a powerful source of energy that can be tapped into to fulfill all dreams . It is, quite literally, an instrument for wealth. In this context, wealth does not necessarily refer to money or material abundance, but spiritual abundance as well.

It is believed that the Sri Yantra represents all secrets and cosmos of the universe. It is a great tool for manifestation, since it understands our pure intentions. It is a connection between this world and the Divine.

Healing Abilities

Since this symbol is the perfect tool for manifestation, it can be used to manifest good physical and mental health. The Sri Yantra can be identified with the human body. The symbol has nine interlocking triangles. Four triangles point upward, which is believed to represent masculine energy, while the other five triangles point downwards and represent feminine energy. These nine triangles are interwoven and form 43 smaller triangles. A lotus with eight petals and a larger lotus of 16 petals encircle the triangles. Lastly, these triangles and two lotus symbols are enclosed by a square that looks similar to a temple with four doors.

The Sri Yantra consists of nine circuits, referred to as avaranas. Each circuit relates to specific ailments. Healing can begin by focusing and meditating on the specific avarana that related to the ailment that needs healing. The avaranas start from the outside. The first avarana is the outer square of the symbol (the bhupura). The bhupura can aid in healing the following ailments:

· Knee and joint pain

· Arthritis

· Sleep disorders like insomnia

· Parkinson’s disease

· Alzheimer’s

· Rheumatism

· Disorders related to nerves

· Multiple Sclerosis

The second avarana is a lotus consisting of 16 petals (shodasha dala padma) which can aid in the healing of issues with reproduction, infertility and sexual disorders.

The third avarana is a lotus with eight petals (Ashta Dala Padma). It can aid in the healing of the following health issues:

· Ulcers

· Diabetes or any other pancreas-related illness

· Irritable Bowel Syndrome

· Indigestion

· Spleen and kidney related problems

· Kidney stones

· Intestines

The fourth avarana is referred to as chaturdasha trikona and consists of 14 triangles which, if focused and meditated on, can aid in healing heart problems and hypertension.

The Bahir Dasha is the fifth avarana and consists of ten triangles. It may aid in the healing of skin problems, sinusitis, shoulder pain, spondylitis and lung issues.

Another smaller ten-sided figure can be found in the sixth group (antar dash). This is the sixth avarana which may help with alleviating psychological problems, such as bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, depression, anxiety and thoughts of suicide.

The seventh avarana consists of eight triangles and is referred to as Sarva Rogahara. It is this part of the Sri Yantra that is believed to be the center of all healing. This avarana may help with healing diseases, as well any chronic or acute ailment.

The trikona, the eighth avarana, is the small triangle which houses the bindu in the center of the Sri Yantra. This avarana has the power to cleanse and clear our bodies and minds.

Lastly, the ninth avarana is found in the center of the Sri Yantra. This is the dimensionless bindu that represents the source and evolution of the universe. It can also be interpreted in terms of the human body. It can help us in overcoming our sense of self, any addictions, greed, lack of sympathy or empathy, desire and spiritual blockages.


The most effective way of using the Sri Yantra to attract healing and abundance is through a gazing meditation. Simply put, this consists of softly gazing at an accurate Sri Yantra image. Sitting in a relaxing position, focus on the symbol and allow it to enter your mind. You can either focus on the entire symbol or the avarana that deals with a specific ailment. It is not necessary to gaze for more than a few minutes. After this, you look away from the image and turn your gaze to a white, blank surface like a ceiling or wall. Remember the Sri Yantra or specific avarana of the symbol and visualize it. Allow an after-image to form on the blank surface. Close your eyes when the image fades and visualize it in your mind. Do this for as long as you can.

The Sri Yantra is a powerful, sacred geometrical symbol with the power to cleanse and balance our energies. By making it a practice to connect and meditate with the symbol, it can influence our lives in positive ways. The Sri Yantra can attract wealth, as well as spiritual, physical and mental health. It offers a spiritual connection to the universe and a powerful manifestation tool.

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