The Purge… of Emotions: Bye Emotional Baggage!

Sometimes, the truth hurts, and when it’s there, we sometimes choose to run away from it.

When we run away from the truth, we spend most of our time in the dark, acting out, seeking revenge, and suffering. Moreover, we project our issues onto others.

Truths or experiences that are not processed well can build up over time. Energy will get trapped within the body that will lead to energetic blocks.

It can also make your body more susceptible to sickness or experience pain in specific areas. When this happens, they will become toxic and wreak havoc on our relationships and ourselves.

If you have been experiencing extreme mood swings that come out of nowhere, or you are surrounded by depressive energy that sucks the life out of you, then it’s time for an emotional purge.

Here’s the thing: Purging isn’t easy.

The truth? It sucks.

Emotional purging is painful, difficult, and heavy. However, it’s not a bad thing.

The Importance of Emotional Purging

As humans, you can experience multiple dimensions.

Think of these dimensions like vibrational frequency, and they can pile up on top of each other and exist on the same plane.

Therefore, the frequency you have will align you with the dimension you are currently in.

In turn, when you’re holding onto a lot of negativity, you are vibrating at a frequency closer to the 3rd dimension. This is where we perceive things to be one way or another.

In contrast, those who are in a higher vibration are closer to a fourth or fifth dimension.

The energy you experience will bring whatever negative energy to the surface so you can deal with it.

Therefore, you need to be in the right vibrational alignment with higher dimensional frequencies to anchor into the fifth dimension.

Holding onto negative emotions and not taking a proactive approach to purge them will make you feel alone. It will make you feel like you have no one to talk to, and no one understands you.

However, that’s not true.

By purging the negative emotions, you will reach a better and healthier state that will benefit your entire well-being.

What To Keep in Mind When Purging

There are some things to keep in mind when doing an emotional purge. For one, you are not your negative experiences. These experiences are only a part of your story.

Another thing is, don’t avoid the purge because you feel weak. The negative experiences you went through are not meant to be brushed off. They need to be healed, and in order to do that, you need to want to heal.

Practice self-compassion when you’re doing the purge. By doing so, it will prevent you from getting stuck in the process.

Writing To Purge

Writing is one of the best ways to purge. I will give you a quick exercise that will let you purge your emotions through writing.

It’s essential to remember to keep writing and don’t think about what you’ll write next.

Forget about making your handwriting pretty.

Let your emotions flow and write them down.

This exercise is easy; all you need to do is:
  • Set the timer to eight minutes.
  • Write down your thoughts and emotions within that time frame.
  • Set them on fire.
Fire is transformative and cleansing, and the goal here is to neutralize the negative energy.

There’s no need to read over what you’ve written. Doing so will only reinfect you with negative energy.

Also, I know it’s tempting to do this on a mobile device, but writing your thoughts and emotions using a pen and paper works best.

It will help you expel as much of the emotional charge as possible. Do this writing exercise every day for five days.

The next time you feel a huge wave of emotion creeping over you, always try to see it from a place of gratitude.

Remember that it’s in your reality, so you can release it for good.

Sure, emotional purging may be a long and challenging process, but know that it’ll pass, and your well-being will thank you for it.

Go on, purge.

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