Sound waves in the dark

The Powerful Waves Of Sound

Can you imagine a world without sound? It’s impossible! 

You may not realize this, but sound is most likely the first thing your experience when you wake up in the morning.

It fills our days with meaning and excitement. 

Sound may also be the last thing you hear at night before you fall asleep as you listen to the silent beat of your heart as you drift to sleep. 

Sound is the energy that things produce when they vibrate, and in some ways, it workalike light as it travels out from a definite source, which is similar to how light travels out from the sun or a bulb. The difference is, sound always needs to have something to travel through, a medium. 

We are surrounded by sound and it travels in waves. Sound waves occur as a result of atoms vibrating and colliding with one another. Humans and creatures use these sound waves to communicate and for other tasks. 

Humans & Sound Waves

Did you know that if there are no sound waves, human beings won’t be able to communicate verbally? Our vocal chords produce sound waves that are transmitted through the air to the ears of listeners. 

Aside from that, humans also use sound waves to discover what’s underneath the oceans. Scientists use sonar devices to send out sound waves that bounce back to the source when it hits an object. The echo that is produced can help scientists determine the size and distance of the object that reflected the sound waves back. Moreover, navy vessels also use sonar technology to search for enemy submarines. 

Resources under the earth are also discovered due to sound waves. Mainly, geologists use sound waves to search for resources by measuring how the sound waves travel through the earth; they can identify the density and makeup of the ground. Additionally, they can use these to study the ground relevant to earthquakes. 

Sound Waves & Healing

When these sound waves reach the ears, they are then converted into electrical signals that travel to the auditory nerve and into the auditory cortex where we process sound. Once it reaches the brain, it then triggers responses in the bodies. 

Therefore, if you’re wondering how sound waves can heal—it can. The fact that they can alter emotions and hormones is reason enough to believe in the power of sound and how it can heal us. 

Have you ever lied in bed after a long, stressful day and listen to music? Turn off the music and see how it feels? It isn’t that relaxing. The sound that comes from the music evokes a certain feeling in your brain that triggers your emotional responses. This is why music can either make you angry, sad, or happy. However, in the context, indeed, sound is truly powerful. 

Additionally, listening to music floods the brain with dopamine. It can also release the body’s natural painkiller, which is the oxytocin.

Sound is powerful. It can change our minds and our bodies. 

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