The Power of Mantras: Bring Your Vibration to Life

Are you familiar with lotus flowers? It’s such a unique plant. Its root latches in the mud, it goes underwater every night and blooms every morning – looking ever-clean, without mud on its petals.

Just like mantras. They position themselves at the back of our minds and blossom within us when needed. 

Mantras are used to help boost our focus towards a more positive state. 

What is a Mantra?

“A Mantra a Day, Keeps the Negativity at Bay.”

A mantra can be a syllable, a word, a whole sentence, or a sound that you say repeatedly. These are compelling word patterns that can raise our consciousness. They are not merely words; it is a sound that manifests from our deepest desires with their own energy, vibrating at such a unique frequency. 

It comes from Sanskrit, in which “man” means mind or think and “tra” means instrument or tool.

How Do Mantras Work?

The earliest Mantra ever composed goes way back in the Vedic scriptures of  Hinduism. Some are even 3500 years old. It is said that they mention the sacredness of sound.

Mantra is the combination of thoughts and actions. It is a spoken word or phrase, followed by an action to make it happen. There are various purposes of mantra depending on the religion involved. But nowadays, a mantra is used to silence the voice in our heads that says: you can’t keep going,  you will never be healed, you do not deserve love – basically, it cleanses our mind from negativity. 

We all have different desires. We all have goals in life that drive us forward. Having a mantra does not only help us focus on those desires but also acts as a guide that we can keep going back to. Something happened that made you feel down? Remember your mantra. Feeling like you can’t go on? Recite your mantra. 

You can choose a mantra like “om mani padme hum” – it is a Sanskrit mantra that literally translates to: “Hail the jewel in the lotus”. This powerful mantra clears the mind and detaches you from your ego. It empties the body of negativity and brings positivity within. 

You should experiment with mantras until you find the one that resonates with you. Choose a mantra that brings your vibration to life. So that whenever you utter your mantra, you can feel your vibration rising to its highest frequency until you are recharged again. 

It doesn’t have to be a pre-existing mantra; you have the power to create your own – which can be stronger than any pre-written one. Because it came from you, it started with you. 

Powerful Mantras That Raise Your Vibration

I have prepared mantras that you can use and revise according to what you feel – until you get the right formula.

Before you start your mantra practice, set your intentions first and be clear about them. Take time to reflect on what you want. Is it healing? Is it freedom from negativity? Allow yourself to connect with your higher self and go within. 

Once you have chosen your mantra, be consistent with your practice. Devote a couple of minutes a day to sit in a comfortable position in a cozy spot in your home. Open your palms and let your vibration emanate from you. Visualize it. Then say your mantra.

Mantras for Healing

  • My heart is open as I allow the Divine Light to enter and heal me within.
  • To heal others, I have to heal myself first. 
  • Grant me gentleness and compassion towards myself.
  • Every day, every moment – I choose to heal. 
  • Healing is my power. 

Mantras for Freedom from Negativity 

  • I release all negativity from my life. 
  • I let go of all the relationships, toxicity, habits, and emotions that no longer serve me. 
  • I am purifying my mind, body, and soul. 
  • I am free from negativity.
  • I choose to let go of things I cannot control. 
  • I choose to be free from fear, doubt, anxieties, addictions, and guilt. 

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