The Only Thing That’s Holding You Back
From Manifesting is YOU

One of my best friends, who now runs a popular bakeshop in the city, never thought she could bake way back in middle school.

Even I never thought that she would be able to run her own business, let alone be creative in it.

See, growing up, she didn’t care about anything else but having someone in her life and partying (we did a lot of this).

Between the two of us then, I had more direction, and she knew that.

It was that one time when I enrolled myself in culinary school to learn more about cooking, and being joined at the hip, she did the same thing.

That’s when she started to develop a love for baking.

She always thought bakers are the creative types, and she never thought she’s one as she usually associated it with her stick-figure drawing skills.

Add to that, she didn’t appreciate art, which made her assume that she doesn’t have a creative bone in her body.

However, that’s not how creativity works, plus, baking is also part chemistry.

When she was exposed to baking, she said she was very scared at first and she really believed she would screw it up.

But she pushed through with it because she was in a class — she couldn’t just walk out.

She followed everything by the book, and asked her classmates in the middle of a busy kitchen, and boy, was she surprised that her first-ever baked creation (banana bread, by the way) turned out perfect.

In fact, it was the best in the class.

Today, she is now a successful baker who makes the best pastries in town.

It All Comes Down to YOU

Indeed, we all have moments in our lives that when something happens, we make up a story about the why and what.

And then, we live as if that story were true, because it feels safe.

The truth is, these stories are usually the ones that hold you back from manifesting your desires.

My best friend’s story is one of the many stories out there. She believed she couldn’t be creative, which probably formed in childhood.

Most of our limiting beliefs begin in our childhood because that’s when we are like sponges—we absorb everything, and from there, beliefs are formed.

One other limiting belief is thinking you’re not enough, which may affect all aspects of your life.

I have a friend whose parents divorced when we were 16. She went through the rebel phase, but what I noticed is that she often falls into unhealthy relationships.

And that’s all because of her limiting belief that she isn’t enough.

You see, these limiting beliefs that you have breed negative emotions, and if you don’t catch them soon, they’re going to be a part of you.

You would always jump to conclusions and expect the worst because you have programmed your mind to be that way.

And that’s exactly what’s holding YOU back from reaching your dreams.

YOU are In Control

If you think about it, there are truly many factors that influence our beliefs, some of them are beyond our control.

But still…

We are in control of how we accept these negative situations.

We are in control of how to deal with it.

We are in control of how we can use it to our advantage.

So, why are you letting your beliefs and negativity hold you back?

Why are you letting YOU hold you back from reaching your dreams?

Law of Attraction Always Wins

Never stop manifesting. When you continue to manifest, your faith in it grows.

Therefore, you won’t easily be thrown off by any lingering stuff within you, i.e. your limiting beliefs.

When you set your sights on something bold that you probably didn’t think was possible, you may uncover some limiting beliefs that may trigger fears to come to the surface.

Consider yourself warned, this will likely take you back and make you feel like you’re backsliding.

You’re not. Instead, you’re moving towards a new path.

The power lies within you to change how you view your world and what is possible for you.

So, regardless of the type of manifestations you have, you need to remember that the Law of Attraction will always prevail in the end.

Believe in that, and it will shift the way you think and feel.

Trust me, you have done it before.

You can do it again.

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