The Magic of The Heart Chakra

The Anahata or Heart Chakra sits right in the middle of your chest. 

Princess Diana once said she wanted to be “The Queen of Hearts,” not a Queen of the country. 

People around the world gushed. 

The words rang true, and she became the icon for the Anahata.

People saw her as the epitome of compassion and love. 

With her unique healing quality, she left an impression deep in the hearts of the people she met.

And this essential chakra is within all of us. 

Anahata is The Home of Love

The is the place that holds love for all beings in all space across time. 

It is the place that holds your deepest emotions. 

It holds your hurt, your heartache and your compassion. 

Anahata plays a vital role in regulating energy flow within your body. 

It is much like the physical heart, which regulates the blood flow. 

But there’s a catch to the Anahata. When it is out of balance, you will lack meaningful relationships, finding yourself isolated and alone. Alternatively, you will lose your identity in relationships leaving you to feel exhausted frustrated, trying to live up to others’ expectations and needs. 

Anahata or Heart Chakra

The Fourth Chakra

Represents: Love, Transformation, Compassion

Blocked by: Heartache, Hopelessness, Despair

Location: In the Middle of the Chest

Color: Green

Mantra: Yam

Element: Air

Nature Sound: Thunder

Stones: Jade, Emerald, Pink Tourmaline, Rose Quartz, Girasol, Rhodochrosite

God/Goddess: Ishtar, Hera, Aine

Governs: Center of the Body’s Energy Universe

Governs Emotions: Love

Purpose: Regulate Energy Flows

Common Addictions: Sex

Essential Oils: Rose, Thyme, Palmarosa, Bergamot, Ylang Ylang

Why Should I Work on My Anahata? 

  • You find it difficult to love yourself.
  • Your relationships with others lead you to frustration and anger. 
  • You slip into depression because you feel hopeless. 
  • If you stuck spiritually and you’re unsure why.  
  • People say you are self-centred. 
  • You don’t care about others. 

If these statements ring true to you, don’t give up on yourself. Explore your Anahata with us. 

Symptoms of Overactive Anahata Chakra

  • Labelled as a “Doormat”
  • Constant Need to be a “Social Butterfly”
  • Loss of Self-Identity in Relationships
  • Self-conscious
  • Overly Polite 
  • Always Puts Oneself Last 
  • Non-Food Related Allergies
  • Tendonitis in Arms or Hands
  • Carpel Tunnel Syndrome

Symptoms of Underactive Anahata Chakra

  • Unsympathetic
  • Lonely
  • Antisocial
  • Lacking Meaningful Relationships
  • Little Compassion to Others
  • Self-Centred 
  • Colds
  • Lupus
  • Asthma 
  • Bronchitis

What Can I Do to Heal My Anahata? 

  1. Hug

A big hug releases oxytocin which lowers the heart rate and blood pressure. So get hugging.

  1. Forgive

Do you hold a grudge against someone or something? 

Ask yourself 

“What purpose does this serve?”

“Am I better for holding onto this grudge?” 

“How is it affecting me and my relationships?” 

If you find no satisfactory answer, work on letting go.

Accept your hurt

Commit to making the change

  1. Try Ho’Oponopono

The Hawaiian forgiveness practice Ho’Oponopono works wonders. Read it here

  1. Learn to say No

People will step all over you if your Anahata is overactive. Stand in front of a mirror and practice saying “No”. 

  1. Energize Your Senses

Use your senses mindfully. Then energize your senses by appreciating them. 

  1. Energize with the Stones

Take a bath with jade or other stones in the tub. 

  1. Wear Green Clothes or Accessories

Wearing green or surrounding yourself in this color is the easiest way to awaken the Anahata. 

  1. Meditate 

Hum Yam as you breathe out. 

  1. Listen to 639Hz Frequency 

Read more about the Frequency here 

  1. Take a Bath using Rose Essential Oil 
  1. Visit a Place You Love

Being at a place that holds a special meaning to you is one of the best ways to balance your Anahata. Take some time for self-care and immerse yourself in the place you love. 

  1. Chant Anahata Affirmations
  1. “I Accept Love” 
  2. “I Open Myself to Forgiveness”
  3. “I Give Permission To Receive Love”
  4. “I am Worthy of Unconditional Love” 
  5. “Love is My Guiding Truth” 
  6. “May All Beings Everywhere Be Happy and Free” 

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