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The Healing Power of Your Hands

Did you know that your hands hold an innate healing power? 

Yes, your hands can heal! 

That is why when someone cries, our first impulse is to touch or hug the person. 

After being away from someone for too long, we embrace. 

And in most cases, holding hands can say a lot more than words can say. 

When it comes to energy healing techniques, one of the most common is using the hands to heal. 


Have your hands pass over the energy field. Make sure your hands are only a few inches away from the body. 

With open palms turned toward the body, move your hands along the front. Move from feet to head. 

Make sure to stay relaxed but keep your focus. Be receptive to the sensations in your hands. 

If you feel some buzzing or other sensations, it’s an indicator that it’s working. It’s also natural to feel drawn to specific chakras in your body. 


This is another technique you can do with your hands, in which it will work like magnets to pull negative energies. 

Place your hands over the area where you feel most of the negative energies. Set an intention that you want to pull the unwanted energy out of the body and the field. 

Visualize it being drawn out of your body and clinging to your hands. Flick your hands toward the earth to get rid of the negative energy. 


Mudras are hand positions that can influence your energies. You might have subconsciously placed your hands into Audra positions without realizing it. 

There are many Mudras out there, but here are some of the most common you can try: 

Prithvi Mudra

In this Mudra, the top of the ring finger touches the thumb while other fingers are straight out. 

This Mudra can help reduce physical and spiritual weaknesses. It is also said that this can help increase the life force. 

Varuna Mudra

Have the tip of the pinky finger touch the thumb while other fingers remain straight up. 

This is an excellent Mudra if you feel a bit off-balance with your emotions. It can help balance it; at the same time, it is ideal for women because it aids with certain hormonal conditions. 

Surya Mudra

Bend the ring finger under the thumb while the other fingers are straight. 

This Mudra can help guide you to your purpose. On the other hand, it can stimulate the thyroid gland as well, which can help alleviate weight gain. 

Put those beautiful hands to work. 

It can work wonders. 

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