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Tap Away Your Fears and Anxiety

(EFT) method. 

In EFT, you tap your acupressure points with your index and middle fingers while reciting an affirmation based on your anxiety or trauma emotions. The vibrations from tapping and self-acceptance are the most powerful tools here. 

EFT effectively treats most anxiety and trauma-based issues and targets “stored physical pain” contributing to chronic pain or avoidance behavior based on emotional pain. 

The affirmations usually start with “Although” and ends with acceptance of self. Examples are: 

  • “Although I struggle to meet my goals due to a lack of confidence, I wholly love and accept myself.” 
  • “Although I feel ashamed for what I had done, I honor and accept myself.” 

The wonderful EFT is extremely safe, easy to teach, easy to learn, and a natural self-help treatment intervention. It is highly recommended for children in times of anxiety due to its ease of use and ability to redirect their focus. 


  1. Identify the issues that you are struggling to deal with. 
  2. Think of some affirmations to repeat while tapping on the acupressure points.
  3. Follow below acupressure points and the number of taps. Repeat the sequence twice.

The acupressure points are:


  • Between your eyebrows near the bridge of your nose
  • Use index and middle fingers of both hands
  • Tap 5 to 7 times 

Outer Eye

  • On the bone outside corner of your eyes
  • Use both hands to tap 5 to 7 times

Under Eye

  • On the bone just below your pupils
  • Use both hands to tap 5 to 7 times 

Under the Nose

  • The area between your lips (cupid’s bow) and your nose
  • Use one hand to tap 5 to 7 times

Under the Lip

  • Under the lip on the indented area of your chin 
  • Use one hand to tap 5 to 7 times

Collar Bone

  • The depression under the joint of each collarbone
  • Use both hands to tap 5 to 7 times 

Under the Arm

  • 4 inches below the underarm 
  • Cross arms over to tap with both hands 5 to 7 times

Karate Chop

  • The outer edge of the hand between the wrist knuckle and the pinky finger knuckle
  • Use one hand to tap 5 to 7 times
  • Alternate

Now you are ready to tap away. 

You can use this at any time of the day and whenever you feel anxious or worried. 

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