Stop the Self-Sabotage, Get Rid of These 3 Hidden Blocks & Heal

Self-sabotage… It can show up in different ways that spill into all areas of your life.

It can be as simple as staying up all night binge-watching your favorite TV series even when you know you have a work deadline to meet the next day.

Whatever the scenario is, self-sabotage can hold you back from achieving your desires.

It can even hold you back from healing yourself completely.

The good thing about life is it will always present you the opportunity to recognize self-sabotage and understand the reason behind it.

It will take some time, but you’ll find out.

Most people who self-sabotage realize they still have a lot of wounds that still need to be healed.

As adults, some are just more evolved, angry teens, trying to prove themselves or showing people they are independent people.

This is why many develop self-sabotage as they heal.

Here are three hidden blocks that cause you to self-sabotage and prevent yourself from achieving full healing:

1. The Desire to Prove Yourself

Trying to prove yourself to people will lead you nowhere.

When you do this, you will be the only one holding onto subconscious urges to make yourself known and heard.

Usually, the constant need to prove yourself to others will have you rebelling against what’s good for you and the things that can complete you.

If you think about it, you don’t have anything to fight against at all.

2. Suppressed Emotions

Dealing with negative emotions may not be something you want to do because it’s not easy.

Most of us ignore them, which is why it creates a block that prevents you from healing and pushes you to self-sabotage.

Here’s one thing to remember: You can’t run away from the pain.

At some point, it will resurface, and you won’t have a choice but to face it.

3. Making Yourself THE Least Priority

There are so many things to do — the house needs cleaning, the kids need help, etc.

However, where do your needs fit in?

Oftentimes, we give away more energy than we give ourselves.

Some do this because they feel like it’s selfish to pay attention to their own needs, making them think their needs are less important.

Of course, that isn’t true.

Ignoring your needs long enough will block your energies.

In turn, you won’t be able to heal and you will continue to self-sabotage.

The key to putting yourself first is to determine first what makes you happy and then do more of that.

Keep in mind; no one does this on purpose.

Instead, it’s usually rooted in patterned behaviors that lead to a vicious cycle.

When something turns into a pattern, you’ll get stuck on a hamster wheel.

Sure, you might get sick of running in circles, but getting off the wheels seems impossible.

Here are some quick tips to help stop self-sabotage and continue towards the path to healing:

  • Be observant of your thoughts:
  • Being aware of your thoughts throughout the day will help you recognize patterns.

    Some thoughts have themes, such as black-and-white thinking.

    To know which ones are self-sabotaging, recognize them, and seeing how they make you feel.

    If they make you feel bad, then that’s a clear indication that it’s a limiting thought.

  • Don’t cling to excuses for bad behavior:
  • When you think something can’t be done, you blame a cause.

    This is when the cause and effect model takes place.

    So, when something isn’t appearing in your life the way you want it to, take responsibility for any causes you’re blaming instead.

    Getting over self-sabotage and healing yourself won’t happen overnight.

    However, recognizing these hidden blocks will help you navigate the complex process.

    Over time, you will unravel patterns and belief systems within you, and by then, you will realize how worthy you are.

    Finally, you will discover your own power by then.

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