Sssh. It’s Time To Raise Your Vibration Using ASMR

If you have just started on your healing journey through meditation and journaling, and you feel like you’re not progressing, we might have the solution for you.

Have you ever heard of autonomous sensory meridian response — Known as ASMR?

It’s the pleasurable sensation that’s induced by listening to specific sounds.

According to one study from the University of Sheffield in England says that ASMR creates “tingling sensations in the crown of the head, in response to a range of audio-visual triggers such as whispering, tapping, and hand movements”.

Here are some of the most common ASMR triggers:
  • Whispers
  • Soft Speech
  • Chewing Sounds
  • Repetitive Sound
  • Tapping Sounds

These are just some of them. Now, ASMR triggers include people eating or even while they do their make-up.

ASMR can significantly help you in your healing journey. It can raise your vibration and align your energy with what you want.

ASMR can also help relieve your body of stress, negativity and make you feel good overall.

Raise Your Vibration with ASMR

To raise your vibration using ASMR, you have to choose the type that resonates with you. Because this will be the sound you will focus on.

Sounds such as ocean waves, leaves rustling, chanting, and vibrational tones are often used for meditation. These sounds bring a profound healing effect on one’s moods and emotions.

How do you know if it’s the right sound for you?

The moment you listen to that specific sound, it sends tingles in your brain that pushes you to relax. When the mind is relaxed, you’ll find it easier to clear your thoughts and focus.

And in meditation and healing, these things are very important.

When you reach this level, you know that you are slowly but surely raising your vibration using ASMR.

You just have to consider ASMR as another form of sound meditation that will help with your healing process.

You can watch ASMR videos first before so that you can fully adjust to it.

Once you are able to rid yourself of negativities, you can also continue to use ASMR to help you sleep and release stress.

  • Play the ASMR sound of your choice. You can either use an earphone or play it on speaker.

  • Sit down or lie down in a comfortable position.

  • Turn your focus on the sound that surrounds you.

  • Feel your vibrations rising and be in the moment as you feel the tingling sensations as well.

  • Let it lull you to sleep.

The Time to Shhh

ASMR can help your healing journey by relaxing your mind and body before you meditate. What’s great about it is whenever you are stressed, either with your career, love, bills, or anything – you can turn to ASMR to help you find your zen.

Enjoy sensations like never before.

It’s just like an orgasm – in your brain, of course!

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