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Should You Try Shamanic Sound Healing?

You are probably aware of the importance and benefits of sound healing. Long before the discovery of medical equipment and drugs, ancient civilizations used various techniques to heal ailments, and one of the techniques used in sound. 

There are different types of sound healing, and one of the popular ones that are being widely used today is the shamanic sound healing. To put it simply, shamanic sound healing is shamanic, in nature. What does this mean? 

A shamanic sound healing executes a sacred ceremony around the sound healing session. Unlike a standard sound healing therapy where various tools are played throughout the session. With this form of sound healing, you can look forward to a ceremonial opening along with the invitation of elemental spirits. 

It is the world’s indigenous people who started this type of healing and they are known to be one of the wisest people on earth. 

What To Expect From A Shamanic Sound Healing Session

You might be curious about what happens during a shamanic sound healing session… 

Similar to a sound healing session, the session uses various musical instruments, such as tuning forks, singing bowls, etc. However, a shamanic sound healing session may either be active or passive. 

An active session is where the shaman will guide the participant using his voice, and in some cases, the sham many use a drum or a rattle to guide the participant further. On the other hand, a passive session is where the shaman directs his energy through voice and musical instruments to clear energy blockages and align the soul. 

Why Should You Try Shamanic Sound Healing?

The main goal of shamanic sound healing is to wrap the participant’s body and aura in healing vibrations to find a balance in the chakras. This is done to improve physical and emotional health. 

Aside from that, it’s a totally different experience that is worth trying if you’re into sound healing. Its strong sense of ceremony and maintenance of the sacred space will be a different experience. 

Moreover, if you want to try out something that is incorporated by indigenous practices, then a shamanic sound healing is definitely worth a shot.

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