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Set Healing Intentions for 2021

Growing up, I was so used to writing my New Year Resolutions after every holiday season. It is just fitting because before the year ends, I have time to think about what I should change about myself or what I should start doing when a new year begins. But I found a pattern. My list usually only lasts until February. Eventually, I will completely forget my new goals for the year.

Have you experienced this too? Is it because we are setting hard-to-reach goals? Or is it because our desire is not deep enough to actually push through with it? 

That is why I have changed my ways. I started to write my intentions instead.

Everything begins with an intention – from calling your loved ones to scratching your head. You start with an intention before taking action. You can think of it as if it is your desire. It is what motivates you to keep going. It is your driving force. 

Do not confuse intention with goals. Goals are your personal needs like I want to lose weight. It is something you want to achieve. It is the act of improvement or the act of fixing something. Intentions, on the other hand, have a deep connection with your heart. It is the acknowledgement that you already have what you need; all you have to do is be one with it. 

So how do you set healing intentions for 2021?


Look back at 2020 and analyze how it went for you. Create a year-end review and write down what lowered your vibrations. Who were you with? Where did you spend most of your time? 

If you do not reflect on what has affected your energy and vibration, then you won’t know what you need to heal from. 


Clarity clears the path ahead of you. If you know what you want, then be prepared to get it in 2021 because this is your year. The year you will rise and pick up your pieces.

Intention Prompts and Questions

Once you’ve reflected on the year that has gone by and sought clarity, it is now time to go inward. What are your healing intentions? I have some prompts and questions that you can answer in your journal.


I want to heal from___________

I want to learn from _________

I want to embody healing because_______

I am empowered because________


What is my intention for myself?

What is my intention for my vibration?

What is my intention for my family and friends?

What is my intention for the people that surround me?

You can think of it this way. Intention is your genuine motivation. It is what guides you based on your heart’s desires. It is what you want. 

When it comes to setting healing intentions, it is essential to know what issue you are trying to heal from. It has to be specific. For example, I want to heal from my cigarette addiction. I want to heal from my anxiety caused by people who looked down on me. 

After writing down all these, you are already halfway there. You have already started your healing journey.  

It is time to heal, my dear. Because 2021 is unlike the years that passed. 2021 is your year. Own it. Heal with it. 

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