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Releasing the Bubbles of Unease

Have you ever wondered where your feelings of unease come from? 

Maybe you lived your life unscathed and dealt with whatever life hit you with along the way. 

Like a strong soldier you kept going no matter what. 

You took in what you needed to, you dealt with that needed to be dealt with and you carried on. 

Because that is what life is about, right? 

And you might have been fine all that time. 

Chances are though, your body is starting to feel like a shaken up soda bottle with the lid screwed on tightly. 

As the bubbles form like crazy you feel your body getting tighter just like the bottle that’s ready to burst. 

Maybe you see and feel this and you realise you need to do something.

Or you might feel this in different parts of your body. 

Because did you know anxiety or past trauma can get stored in parts of your body?

You need to let it out but not now. So when? 

When you see the bubbles begin to settle a little and then you know it’s safe to open the lid, albeit little bit by little bit. 

And then you open the lid completely and everything is let out. 

And then you feel it. The Release… The Relief…The Freedom…

Sometimes meditation and mindfulness does wonders. 

It is true that you learn more about who you are and what you are feeling through decreasing your senses. 

So lay down or sit in a comfortable position in a quiet spot. 

Close your eyes. 

Put on one of The Sacred Sound Healing System’s audio tracks.

You might want to start with the Divine Clearing Ceremony. 

And begin your healing journey. 

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