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Release Meditation: How You Can Let Go of Toxicity and Take Back Your Power

Earlier this week, as I was driving home, it just dawned on me that we’re in the last month of 2020. December has begun, and it will be the month that closes the curtain for this year. Yes, it has been a tough year to go through, but it is still worth celebrating because we are here, alive and well. 

Aside from the spirit of celebration this month carries, it also brings forth mixed emotions that can play with our vibrations. That is why this is the perfect month to let go of toxicity and negativity. It is time to let go of relationships, things, and attachments that no longer serve their purpose in our lives. 

Now isn’t the time to dwell and linger; it is the perfect time for release. Release and take back your power! Release everything that is holding you back and gain control of your thoughts and emotions. 

What I like to do when I want to let go of negative emotions is Release Meditation

What you can do is to allot 15 minutes daily to practice this. Here’s how to do it:

  • Sit or lie down in a comfortable position
  • Place your hands on your chest
  • Close your eyes and let your thoughts flow freely into your mind
  • Then allow it all to go away until it’s just you and your mind
  • Now, think about the word Release. Let it be your mantra
  • Inhale: think about the past
  • Exhale and say: Release
  • Inhale: think about all your anger, regret, fear
  • Exhale and say: Release

It’s really about repeating the process over and over. Think about what you want to release and let it go. This is how you gain control and how you will own this December. Challenge yourself to do this for seven days, and you will genuinely feel your vibration rising and your energy becoming livelier. After the seven days, dare yourself to do this for another ten days until it becomes your habit. A great habit that helps you release toxicity and negativity.

Here’s a toxic list that you can write down on a piece of paper and let go one by one:

  1. Disappointments
  2. Failures (rejection is simply redirection!)
  3. Addiction
  4. Stress
  5. Guilt
  6. Fear
  7. Regret

After you’re done with this list, you can use Release Meditation any time of the day to refresh yourself. 

Long day at work? Sit back, relax, and release all the tension you’ve felt at work. 

Misunderstanding with a loved one? Give yourself 5 to 10 minutes to let it all go by chanting the word release. This makes it easier for you to stop forming an attachment to what has already passed. It is better to keep moving forward and to stay in the present. 

The meditation may be simple, but it will help you in overcoming a lot. All you have to do is believe and you’re already halfway there. You are a wonderful being and you have the power to control your emotions and thoughts. Because the moment you control your thoughts is the exact moment you control your reality. 

To further boost your meditation, try our 7 Day Negativity Detox. These audios will guide you in letting go of any emotional blocks and in releasing negative patterns that are affecting your vibration. So, let’s take this journey together! Let’s raise our vibration so that at the end of the day, you can say: 

“2021 – you’re my year and I’ve got nothing to fear!”

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