My Core Wounds Made Me Do It

Do you notice repeating bad patterns in your life? 

These are patterns you can’t seem to shake off that makes you question the choices you made in the past. 

You could even find yourself second-guessing your intuition. 

At some point, you might find it challenging to evaluate whether a pattern is repeating because, on some level, you’re still benefiting from the experience.

These repeating bad patterns you often catch yourself in may be because of your core wounds. 

Core wounds often begin in childhood. 

As we grow, we experience invalidation and rejection from the people closest to us—our parents, friends, and many more. 

At some point, someone disapproved of our authentic selves; and from there, core wounds began. 

As we grow up, these core wounds manifest into barriers to prevent ourselves from getting hurt. In many cases, these barriers may have protected us, but eventually, you will come to the realization that it has trapped you. The barriers you have put up to protect yourself have limited you. 

These core wounds prevent you from tapping the right energies within you. 

To address the core wounds, you need to recognize the signs first. 

You Enter Relationships In The Hopes Of Feeling Complete

You are already whole; you don’t need to look for someone to complete you. However, if you find yourself in relationships to make you feel complete and always feel like a huge chunk of yourself is taken away from you when the relationship falls into shambles, then it’s your core wound talking. Your core wound magnifies the lack inside of you and pushes you to look for the easiest way to address the problem—which is to look for another human being to fill that void. 

It’s a temporary solution that produces long-term results that can add damage to your already-wounded self. 

Relationships must be a partnership—two souls who enjoy being together but remain independent to be free. The moment you accept this, you can start working on your core wounds that will lead you to healthier relationships. 

You Don’t Feel Enough

Do you often feel you’re not enough and you don’t count? Perhaps, there are also times when you feel you’re powerless. Your low self-esteem stems from the core wounds you have acquired in childhood. There could be moments when you were made to feel like you weren’t enough, which wasn’t corrected; therefore, you carried it with you through adulthood. 

You Always Feel A Sense Of Abandonment

Do you ever feel #sepanx (Separation Anxiety) from people you hang out with? Do these people often label you as “clingy?” If you feel anxious when you’re away from your person for a day, a couple of weeks, etc., and you feel dreadful, it’s because of the sense of abandonment that you had gotten used to when you were little. 

Perhaps, you didn’t grow up with your parents around. Or you were always left alone because the people in your household are always busy. 

So, when someone spends time with you, you feel a sense of dread when it’s time for them to leave or separate from you. You look for them immediately because you don’t like the feeling. 

Truth be told, you can’t be with someone 24/7, which is why you need to learn to be more confident being alone. 

Shifting Your Energies To Heal Your Core Wounds

Energy work is one of the most effective ways to heal your core wounds. 

Ask yourself:

“How can I bring light to this?” 

“How can I shift this pattern?”  

Run the energy through the chakras, which are the energy centers located in the energetic body. 

Here’s a simple way to do energy work to help you address your core wounds: 

  1. Sit upright with your legs and arms relaxed. Make sure your feet are flat on the floor. 
  2. Visualize a cord or a beam of light traveling from your first chakra, which is located at the base of your tailbone.
  3. Now, visualize the beam traveling from your seventh chakra, directly up at the crown of your head, connecting with cosmic energy. 
  4. Say your full name out loud three times to call yourself into the present moment. 
  5. Wake up the chakras on the bottom of your feet & visualize the light beams traveling from the center down to the core of the earth. 
  6. Call the earth’s energy and let it travel into your feet up to the crown of your head. 
  7. When your body is filled with earth energy, it’s time to run the energy of forgiveness. 
  8. The forgiveness energy is a translucent gold color with blue hues. Pull it up through your feet and let it flow to your seventh chakra. 

Immerse yourself in this energy work a couple of minutes each day to help you heal your core wounds. 

You deserve to heal. 

Choose to heal.

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