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Listen Up! You Can Modify Your Brainwaves Through Sound

Brain entrainment is an effective method you can use for personal growth. Our brains are made up of neurons that use electricity to communicate with each other. Billions of neurons are in the brain that sends signals at once, which produce a significant amount of electrical activity in the brain. 

This electrical activity is known as a Brainwave pattern because of its wave-like nature. The brain can be trained to change the brainwaves by relaxation and meditation techniques. 

There are five categories of brainwaves:

  • Beta (14-32 Hz): This is the most common brainwave pattern, which is produced when you are wide awake, active, alert, and engaged in mental activity. We need to be in this state to function properly in our daily life. 
  • Alpha (7 to 14): This is a lower frequency state that is produced when our minds wander freely or when we are in a relaxed state. You can also experience this when you are “gently” busy with routine tasks. The alpha state is considered to be the bridge between the conscious and subconscious. 
  • Theta (3.5 to 7 Hz): This is when you feel like you’re in a trance because it induces a capacity for prolonged daydreaming. It is also conducive to visualization and creativity. Theta frequency is commonly used as well to aid with manifestation as it helps put a person into a relaxed mode. 
  • Delta (0.1-3.5 Hz): This is the slowest brainwave and it is produced when we are in a deep, dreamless sleep. Despite its “slow” activity, it is essential to the body because it is in this state where it heals and restores itself. Additionally, anti-aging hormones are released in this state, which brings a lot of benefits, such as healing physical pain. 
  • Gamma (40 Hz or higher): This is the fastest frequency as it can link and process information from all parts of the brain. However, there is still little information about this particular brainwave. 

It will take some time for an individual to experience brainwave entrainment through meditation alone, therefore, there is a need to use other tools, such as sound. 

Sounds, specifically binaural beats and solfeggio frequencies entrain and synchronize the brainwaves to enhance specific brainwave patterns. Through this, it will be easier to enter a state of relaxation, high-energy, focus, or basically, whatever you want to feel at that moment. 

Modifying Brainwaves Through Sound

In general, we are used to being in the beta state, especially when we are consciously alert. However, we can alter this to slow us down by switching to alpha, which will put us in a state that is optimal for performance and super learning. When you are in the alpha state, you get better at analysis, knowledge, memorization, and many more.

You can modify your brainwaves through meditation and relaxation techniques. Yet one approach that is gaining popularity these days is the use of sound healing. 

Sound healing is an ancient practice that delivers a lot of benefits, such as healing emotional and physical pains. It works in the same concept as to how music puts us in different moods. However, the difference is that with sound healing, tools are used, such and tuning forks, singing bowls, etc. that produce different sounds that have a different impact on the brainwaves. 

This method helps individuals better ease into their desired state as sound is so powerful in inducing emotions. 

We can all use sound to modify our brainwaves. You can either modify it to relax or increase your energies to do the things that you want. 

Go on and give it a try! 

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