Keep Calm & Carry On: Listen To This During The Final Mercury Retrograde Period of 2020

The final Mercury Retrograde of the year is here. This may have a lot of you nervous considering that this planet ,when in retrograde, has a bad rep. 

Don’t fret; with the power of sound healing, you can meditate your way through the (slight) chaos it may bring in your life, specifically in the communication aspect. 

When mercury is in retrograde, it may cause confusion and conflict for a lot of people. Retrograde means “slowing down” and in this one, it’s affecting the messenger planet mercury that has an impact on our 5th chakra—the throat chakra that is all about communication and speaking truth. 

To cope with this, meditation with the use of binaural beat tuned to 12Hz frequency is highly recommended. 

Why 12 Hz? 

The 12 Hz frequency is within the alpha state, wherein you enter a calm state consciously. 12 Hz produces alpha brain waves that help improve brain function during tasks. It’s also used for relaxation, which leads to your meditation. 

You can listen to 12Hz frequencies as you meditate and re-balance your throat chakra. Albeit the throat chakra is at 741 Hz frequency, you can always use the 12 Hz to put you in a meditative state amidst the things that the retrograde brings. 

Here’s what you can do: 

  1. Find a comfortable and relaxing place to meditate. If you can do this outdoors, much better.
  2. Relax your body and take a few deep breaths until you feel your body relaxed fully. 
  3. When you reach that deep, meditative state, visualize a flower (it can be a rose, a lotus, whatever floats your boat!)
  4. Place your hand on your throat and visualize a light blue flower. Focus on that flower and let it shine from your throat until it reaches its brightest. 

The 741 Hz

The throat chakra is aligned to 741 Hz, which is the tone of the planet Mercury. Listening to 741 Hz during this period will also help you solve and cleanse any blockages you experience in fifth chakra. 

Additionally, the throat chakra can lead you to the power of self-expression, that will lead you to a stable life. Aside from its association with the throat chakra, it also acts as your protective armor against negativity to make room for positive things to come into your life. 

Take it easy, and don’t let the retrograde faze you. You have the tools you need to get by—and truthfully, Mercury Retrograde isn’t all that bad!

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