It is Time to Vibrate the Energy of Freedom

“The secret of happiness is freedom, the secret of freedom is courage.” – Carrie Jones

Have you ever wondered why you must heal yourself? Why do you have the constant need to acknowledge past hurts and pains? 

It’s normal. Our bodies are designed to heal. Our mind automatically offers solutions to problems that arise. But that’s not all; we are all built to help someone heal as well. 

But how can you do that if you have not fully healed yourself? 

Healing yourself is as important as the basic necessities in life. It’s a life-long process that allows you to keep growing and learning. And the more you grow, the more you can go through life with ease, knowing that you are strong enough to face life’s challenges.

Sometimes healing becomes challenging, especially when you have low vibration caused by negativities in life. These negativities don’t always present themselves and say: “yes, I am the one causing you stress and anxiety.” That’s not how it works. You have to dig deeper and go within to find out what you have to free yourself from. 

That is why we created the 7-Day Energy Healing Journey. If you suffer from destructive habits, money worries, social media overwhelm, and so on, then this is the journey for you. 

Fight back against low vibration by cleansing these blockages. Free yourself the 7 most damaging negative subconscious beliefs and emotional patterns. Do not allow them to pull back from the healing you deserve. 

So, now I ask you, how are you feeling after doing all the challenges and affirmations? Do you feel lighter? Do you feel like a huge weight has been lifted? If so, then that means you are on the right track. 

Quick Recap

Day 1:  Freedom From Destructive Habits

Habits are formed when you’ve become accustomed to doing a certain activity and when you’re not able to do it, you feel like something is missing. But this doesn’t mean it’s a healthy one. Destructive habits can be formed since your childhood days. It can also be formed when you’re always hanging out with people that can influence you. But what is the solution to this? Awareness. It allows you to fight back. It gives you time to think and offer solutions to counteract. 

May you find the will to keep fighting and changing. May you form healthy habits to replace the negative ones. 

Day 2: Freedom From Chronic Money Worries

Worrying about money is normal. But when it affects your daily life, that’s a different story. When you constantly think about money, where it went, was it worth it – then you become obsessed over the what-ifs, that’s not healthy anymore. The solution? Preparation. Create a plan and stick to it. No more looking back and remember to enjoy life without being careless. It’s all about balance. 

I hope you find your way. Your own unique path to letting your money worries go. Live life, my friend. Live it well.

Day 3: Freedom From Energy Depleting Triggers

Energy isn’t something we can touch and see, but it is something we can feel. Strongly. Negative energy can affect us, and it’s an invisible force that can change our moods, actions, and thoughts. A particular space can change your energy, people, too! What do you do? Declutter and visualize. Let go of the things you don’t need. Cleanse your place. Most importantly, let go of people who are not in tune with your energy. 

Chin up. What you let go of is not a loss but a gain. The more you clear your path, the easier you will get to your destination. 

Day 4: Freedom From Debilitating Fear

We all have something to fear. But you have to keep in mind that what you fear today makes you stronger tomorrow. Take it step by step. You don’t have to take such a giant leap to conquer it. You can take baby steps and see your progress day by day. Fear can hold us back, and that’s okay because it can also push you harder than ever to overcome it. The answer to your fears? Mindfulness. Take time to look within and take note of all that you fear. Face them and show them who’s the boss.

Create better days. Believe in your power because you are an amazing being, and you can conquer anything. 

Day 5: Freedom From Social Media Overwhelm

It is true. Social media can be your friend or foe. It can lift you, and it can also bring you down. It can affect you in ways you never even knew. But will you let it keep doing that? No. You have complete power over your social media. You have the choice to change what you see and how often you need to see it. Utilize that and use it to your advantage. What’s the answer to your social media overwhelm? Detox. Unfollow what you don’t need to see and follow inspirational people who can continue to motivate you to keep going. 

Free yourself from what binds you online. It’s your account. It’s your profile. Cleanse it from negative influences and start having a healthier feed for your mind and soul.

Day 6: Freedom From Craving Unhealthy Food and a Negative Body Image

It’s hard to love someone fully when you haven’t really loved yourself whole. Stress can sometimes turn to crave, and food seems like the best answer. It is not. You can rise above this and create a healthier version of yourself, the one that is stronger than self-loathing. What do you need to do? Self-acceptance and self-love. Look past what has happened and start anew. Accept all that you are and all that you will be. 

Take that step. Tune into the healing power of love and begin treating your body the way you should have done from the beginning – with love. 

Day 7: Freedom From Ultra Heavy Guilt & Shame

Guilt and shame go hand in hand. It can render you powerless once it attacks you. It turns every bit of you into someone who can’t go on. But there is no better time than now to break through the walls that keep you. Life is meant to be lived. You shouldn’t cower in fear of the next time guilt and shame comes for you. What can you do to free yourself? Confrontation. Take time to go through each of the experiences that bring you guilt and shame and acknowledge them. Accept that it has happened and do your best to move forward with it – never without it. It is part of you. You are stronger with it. 

Accept what has made you, you. A person so unique that strength has become your second nature. 

Parting Thoughts

I want to let you know that I am so happy that you joined our challenge. I hope we were able to tackle what matters to you. This challenge is not meant to be strictly a 7-day thing. You can keep going back and do the challenges and say the affirmation as long as you need. Keep going until you have finally broken the chains that bind you. 

Free yourself from everything that is blocking your energy. Free yourself from all those experiences that lowered your vibrations. Vibrate the energy of freedom and clear blockages.

If any or all of these challenges resonated with you, feel free to share your experiences with us. Because we want to know if you enjoyed your energy healing journey, who knows? There might be a part 2 coming soon. Stay tuned! 

PS. I am proud that you have made it this far. Your determination is something that I will always admire but the work has just begun. The fact that you have chosen to free yourself from what pains only means that you already know that there is more to do. Heal yourself deeper inside with our 7 Negativity Detox Solution – and you will wake up with a higher vibration and a fully cleansed energy.

Take charge of your life and live the way you want to ― free.

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