How Your Self-Confidence Affects Your Vibrational Frequencies

How is your self-confidence? 

How is your energy? 

Your self-confidence has a vital role to play in your vibrations that have a direct effect on your energy. However, not a lot of people recognize this. 

Self-Confidence & Energy

Every day, you interact with people, whether online or offline. In every interaction, you sense and respond to the energy that they emit, and they do the same thing to you. 

The exchange of energies between two or several people are hardly noticed nor talked about, but it happens all the time. 

Your energetic body can perceive a lot about someone else’s. You feel it instantly when someone makes you feel things. Likewise, if you feel things around specific people, they can feel it, too. 

This is because we are energy-sensitive. 

So, how is this related to your self-confidence? 

When you find yourself in situations that trigger your insecurities, others can sense it. This is due to the nature of the human ego. Some would even prey upon this weakness, which will further affect how confident you feel about yourself. 

In turn, this will affect your vibrations. 

Boosting Your Self-Confidence

A powerful way to protect your self-confidence is through grounding techniques. Grounding will calm your energies and allow you to draw stronger energies into yourself. 

Grounding is a practice that will let you feel more solid in triggering situations where your self-confidence is in line. 

You can practice grounding before you speak and repeat your affirmations for the day. 

Here is a simple grounding technique to feel more confident in your body: 

  • Close your eyes and notice the sensations in your feet. 
  • Imagine you’re standing on the bones of your feet. 
  • Scan through your body and notice the tensed muscles, loosen them as you do your scan. 

When you do this grounding technique, you will notice that your whole body is settled onto the ground, which will let you breathe deeply and your voice connected with your whole body. 

The effect of this technique is immediate and highly noticeable, and it will give you that much-needed confidence boost you need. It’s quick and it’s easy to do. 

Raise Your Energies!

You are aware that to heal or make good things happen in your life, you need to vibrate at higher frequencies. A lot of things affect your energy, and one of the most overlooked is your self-confidence. 

It pays to be mindful of how you feel, specifically when your self-confidence dwindles, especially when you’re around certain people or situations. 

When your self-confidence takes a hit, it could have a domino effect on your emotional self. That’s why it’s important you address it the moment you feel your confidence is triggered. Otherwise, things could get blown out of proportion and you could emit negative energies that will not allow you to heal. 

Pay more attention to how confident you feel, and make an effort to raise it to reach your desired vibrational frequency filled with positivity and healing. 

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