How Your Intuition Speaks to You

You know what intuition means, but do you know how to recognize it?

For some people, intuition is an unfamiliar feeling. If you’re one of them, it’s likely that when your intuition says something, you may have a hard time realizing what’s happening.

Perhaps, you’ll ignore your feeling, which keeps your intuition dormant.

Indeed, intuition is mysterious, yet it is magical.

And the good thing is, you can learn to recognize it, and use it to reach a higher level of awareness to awaken and empower yourself.

It’s Real

Intuition is real, and we all have it.

The more you tap into it, the better you can make sound decisions that will support the higher good.

A research from Leeds University concluded that intuition is real. The thing is, it all happens so quickly, which is why it might not register to some people.

How It Speaks

Intuition can speak to you in various ways. For one, it can show up in your dreams.

It’s a natural source of intuition and can lead to valuable insights.

When you dream, and you remember it as soon as you wake up, ask yourself these questions:

  • Who are the people in your dream and how did you interact with them?
  • What were the emotions you felt in the dream?
  • What is the strangest part of your dream?

Keep in mind: You don’t need to interpret the dream. All you need to do is ask these questions and be mindful of your thoughts, feelings, and memories that come up.

This is also why it’s highly encouraged to keep a dream journal.

From there, you can create a bridge between your conscious and unconscious realms. In turn, this will allow your intuition to flow freely and better.

Another way your intuition speaks to you is during the quiet moments. When your mind is quiet, you can hear your intuition easily and clearly.

These quiet moments can occur during activities, like meditation, prayer, being in nature, daydreaming, and many more.

A quiet mind can hear intuition over the noise. That is why it’s a good idea to devote time and allow for quietness to come in.

You should also remember that intuitive messages tend to be quiet; In turn, you need to be in profound silence as well to hear what it’s trying to say.

How Right is Your Intuition

In some way, we do expect more from intuition than logic.

Most people would agree that logic doesn’t always prove to be accurate, yet we expect intuition to be perfect, even if we’re not skilled to use it.

Here’s the thing: Intuition isn’t always perfect.

However, you can develop intuitive skills to make it more useful. When you practice with intuition, it will teach you how to identify, integrate, apply, and assess your experiences.

Mixed Messages?

There will be times when your intuition will give you conflicting, mixed messages.

It’s natural to feel a bit confused here.

You will even have the urge to do something, or rather, pick one idea out of the many your intuition is telling you.


When your intuition is giving you mixed signals, the best thing to do is nothing.

Regardless of the issue, your intuition will stay with you.

Hence, give yourself time to wait for clarity to come.

Most of the time, when your intuition gives conflicting messages, it could mean that you’re not working with pure intuition alone. Perhaps, wishful thinking and projections are there, that’s why you’re getting mixed signals.

In its purest form, intuition is always right. That is why it’s worth cultivating.

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