Empathy Exercise in Therapy Session

How Sound Can Help Empaths Cope Better

Empaths may seem like a person with superpowers, but most of them get too drained because of it. The thing with empathy is that it’s not all about caring for other’s feelings, but they also feel other’s physical sensations and/or emotions in their selves. 

Indeed, it’s a beautiful gift, but it can be draining. 

There are a lot of ways to deal with this, but before that, what are signs you’re an empath? 

  • You experience extreme emotions in specific environments
  • People come to you because they see you as a confidant
  • You always need to have a lot of time alone
  • You are overwhelmed in intimate relationships
  • Being in large crowds drain you
  • You always go out of your way to help people

Now that’s out of the way, let’s talk about one effective way to help you deal when becoming an empath is just too much, which is sound. Empaths are sensitive to energy frequencies and as sound moves through an empath, it will either compete or flow with their vibration. 

Sounds that come from music affect an empath on a deeper level due to the embedded intention that comes with it. Highly empathic people process sounds different with greater involvement of the brain’s social circuitry based on a research done by Southern Methodist University, Dallas, and UCLA. 

In times when you feel like things are getting too much, I encourage you to ground and center yourself. 

Find your breath and feel the ground beneath you. Allow yourself to relax into the security of your body and your surroundings. 

Now, when you have found that calmness, you need to go deeper. Listen to uplifting sounds. By doing so, it will help suspend the energy vibration being sent your way, and this will let you create a personal sacred space. You can do this even for just a few minutes every day.

You have a wonderful gift, but you also have to know healthy ways to take a break from it all and calm yourself. Let sound envelope you in warmth and silence, exactly the way you want it. 

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