How Deep is Your Desire to Heal?

Ask yourself, do you truly want to heal? If so, how deep is your desire for it?

Several customers wrote back to us, asking us what they can do to clear all the negativities from their lives or how they can heal from their past wounds.

We can’t give you the exact answer on what to do because it differs from person to person. We can act as your guide, someone who will be there with you every step of the way, someone that will open up magical doors that will jumpstart your healing process. 

You have to understand that healing isn’t something you can force.

It may come naturally to others, while for some, they have to go through a healing process.

But you will know when it’s time.

You will get a feeling in your gut that says: I’m ready.

“What will happen as a result of healing is that we will become more authentic to who we really are and what we really want.” 

Teal Swan, an American spiritual teacher, believes that you will know who you are once you heal. But before you reach that stage, you have to dig deep and find out if you want to heal.

Because you cannot embark on a path to healing if you are not ready to let go of what binds you.

Even Oprah Winfrey, a known Philanthropist, talk show host, and CEO, knows the value of healing. She said: “If you don’t fix the hole in the soul… you’re working at the wrong thing.”

She experienced sexual abuse from the age of 9 until the age of 14. She kept silent about this – hiding what has hurt her deeply from her father. All the pain she experienced caused her to skip school, date boys, and even run away. 

But when she read Maya Angelou’s book, I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings – it completely transformed her outlook on life. She had hope. She did a complete revamp of her life. She used each of her pain as a motivation to come out stronger.

She turned her wounds into wisdom. 

Oprah then began to focus more on her studies and public speaking. Her talent took her to places! In 1970, she was the champion in a speaking competition, and the prize was a college scholarship for four years. How incredible. She continued her journey in public speaking, and look at her today.

Now, she is a successful woman.

We are all going through tough times; that is why you have to acknowledge your past wounds, all your aches, and pains. Pinpoint what areas in your life need healing. Write it down in your journal and trust the process.

Trust your journey. You can’t decide to heal but then think that you don’t deserve this.

Think about all the good things that will come after you’ve freed yourself. 

It doesn’t take a miracle for it to happen. What you need is a deep desire to heal. How? 

  • Close your eyes. 
  • Picture a painful event in your life that you have never acknowledged. 
  • Ask yourself, has this impacted my life negatively? 
  • If so, what instances in your life did it resurface? And what happened?
  • Hold on to that memory. Feel the emotions. 
  • Ask yourself again, do I need to heal from this? 

If it brings you to tears and if it makes you feel terrible like there’s a hole in your chest – the answer is yes. You need to heal from it.

Turn that negative emotion into positive energy. An energy that will push you forward to take action. 

So, if you want to clear all the negativities and start the path to healing, put your all into it.

Imagine the positive outlook in your life.

What will change once you’ve healed?

Will you be happier?

Will you help others to heal too?

Will you finally be able to manifest all your desires since nothing is blocking you anymore?

It’s not a straight path, and your journey will not be smooth sailing.

And if you feel like nothing’s happening, like you’re going on a downward spiral. Stand taller with your chin up and try again. Keep going.

Because your only limit is yourself.

At the end of the day, what will fuel you to keep going will be your desire. 

Heal yourself with confidence. Heal with the belief that you can do it.

Heal with no regrets.

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