Healing Through Kirtan Chanting

Chanting is an ancient spiritual practice.

While some chants are highly complex and others relatively straightforward, people worldwide use this technique to communicate with themselves or their gods to heal them spiritually.

Chants are also used as a way of connecting communities through songs – such as kirtan in India – which connects Hindus by engaging both individuals’ minds and hearts on specific themes while focusing energy towards righteous thoughts that make for better lives.

It is often without any expectation of receiving anything material back other than being closer to God.

Kirtan: A call-and-response Chanting

Kirtan has been part of India’s holy tradition called Bhakti.

The names of God or mantras are chanted to the accompaniment of a harmonium and other instruments like tablas and drums as well as hand cymbals.

It was Paramahansa Yogananda who introduced kirtan to New York in 1926, with over three thousand people joining together at one event.

Yogananda writes,

“Sound or vibration is one of the most powerful forces in the universe. Music has been a sacred art since it was created and should be used not only for pleasure but also as a path to God-realization.”

“Vibrations resulting from devotional singing lead you to attune yourself with cosmic vibrations or sound waves that are more than just words.”

Listening to your favorite upbeat song as you’re driving down the 405 is just one of many ways to get in touch with yourself.

But for those who prefer a more spiritual experience, chanting may be an ideal option because the Sound of chanting can be soothing and calming.

Move your tongue around the inside of your mouth while you breathe in high pitched, then low pitch to create a mesmerizing melody that many people find therapeutic.

If you think chanting is lame or weird, think again.

Chanting helps us feel more relaxed and centered in our bodies because the sound waves travel to every part of your body.

The result? A calmer, relaxed, and spiritually evolved you.

You can also check out our Sacred Sound Healing System to learn about healing through frequencies here.

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