Healed and Whole: The Power of Emotional Connection

Imagine yourself at a restaurant.

You are on a date. The person sitting opposite you is the person of your dreams.

The person you have been thinking of for a long time.

The person who intrigues you, makes you laugh, defines you, and sucks you into their world.

It’s a beautiful connection of all of your five senses and then more.

You want to impress. You want to lay it all out to be vulnerable. You want to be understood.

But most of all, you desire to be accepted by this person of your dreams.

Then imagine all of the things you want to say.

And out of all of them, what is the one key message you want to get across?

For many of us, our essential life message remains invisible until our final day, when family and friends reminisce about us.

And because most people seem to focus more on what goes wrong in their life history than what goes right, so we can start exploring that.

Here’s an exercise you can do.

Reflect on what happened yesterday.

What are all the things that went on, and think about the irritations you faced yesterday?

That moment that annoyed you or angered you. It frustrated you and made you feel sick in the stomach.

And when you’re in that moment, think about one thing about your childhood that pops up.

And sometimes, the thing that is most in your DNA is what made you choose your current partner, career, or other choices.

So although they may seem like random events or choices, they are your way of healing from what happened in your childhood.

Was your childhood full of happiness? That might be the case, but consider the following.

There are always defining moments in our lives that leaves a mark on us.

So, this exercise can help you find the puzzle pieces and connect them in a meaningful way.

Then as part of honoring that, when you meet someone whom you deeply connect with, tell them about the puzzle pieces of your life.

And tell them about the missing pieces that you are still searching for.

It is the best way to connect with others, and through connection comes deep healing.

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