Heal Your Heart, Heal Your Life

We are almost halfway into February – the so-called love month. How are you feeling? Are you feeling anxious? Are you sad? Are you dreading the days to come?

Well, you are not alone. We have all been there. The best thing you can do is acknowledge it.

You see, years ago I was in a happy relationship. It was truly a good one. But somehow, along the way, it ended. I had never felt such heartbreak. I thought it would be my last. We gave each other the bliss we deserved, we communicated about our past, our traumas and tried to heal together, but sometimes it’s not enough. 

My world crumbled. But love isn’t a petty thing to simply brush off. Love is meant to be acknowledged, just like healing. 

Heal Your Heart With 639Hz

It’s not only romantic relationships that can hurt us and drain our energy. Familial relationships and friendships can also leave us with such sorrow that it affects our daily lives. 

But why is it important to heal your heart?

You see, your heart is your core – the center of your being. If you want to heal your life, you have to do it through your heart. 

“What happens when people open their hearts?”

“They get better.” ― Haruki Murakami

What this quote is saying is that you have to allow yourself to feel. Something happened that made you sad, angry, in pain; you have to feel it. 

Sometimes when we experience these kinds of feelings, we automatically think that these are negative emotions that can lead to low vibrations. It actually depends on the situation. But when it comes to love, these emotions are the stepping stones to raising your vibration. 

A good way to heal your heart is by listening to sounds with 639Hz. This frequency is filled with love, positive energy, and radiance. It is the frequency for your heart. It has the power to heal your heart. 

Benefits of 639Hz

  • Enhances understanding, communication, and love.
  • Empowers you to achieve harmonious interpersonal relationships.
  • Enables positive vibrations to take over negativity.

When you listen to this frequency, imagine your heart is a flower. Ready to bloom again once ready. Imagine your heart radiating forgiveness, love, compassion, and understanding. Welcome healing with open arms and allow the Divine light to enter through your heart.

As you feel emotion after emotion, start replacing them with positive ones. If you start to feel sad, think of moments that make you happy. If you feel mad, dig deeper in yourself and replace it with forgiveness. If you feel pain, welcome healing into your life. 

Heal Your Life

When you tackle the matters of the heart, you are also dealing with your life. The moment you can make peace with what troubles your heart is the exact moment you open the path in healing your life. 

Sometimes when you haven’t truly healed from the matters of the heart, it can resurface itself and drain your energy. To heal all areas of your life, your number priority should be your heart. 

This love month, let go of what worries you and let the Universe guide you to where you should be. 

Believe in its timing. Believe in the signs – allow your heart to follow the Divine.

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