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Harness the Power of the Law of Rhythm to Start 2021 Right

Remember when I asked you before if you’ve found your rhythm? I hope you have. I am sure you even researched about it. But as we enter the first week of January, it is the perfect time for me to share with you that you can harness the power of the Law of Rhythm to start your 2021 right.

Well, you can! 

The Law of Rhythm is simple. It is exactly how it sounds. It is the acceptance that everything in life has a rhythm and a flow. What goes up must come down and vice versa. What was once on the left can also be on the right. 

It is the same with your emotions. Today you can be feeling such bliss. Come next week you can be terribly down. And that’s okay! 

Because when I say that you can harness the power, what I mean is you can control what happens in your life. You can control how you react. You can weather every storm that comes your way. You are the captain of your boat. 

Now, where to begin? 

1. Go Within

Look back at 2020 and try to find a pattern in your life. Take time to analyze your routine at work and home. Look into your daily interactions with your family and loved ones as well.

When you are feeling motivated at work – what led to that feeling? When you’re not in the mood for house chores – what happened that day? 

Find out your current flow? What keeps you going? What changes your mood, your energy, and most importantly, your vibration?

2. Create a New Mindset

A mindset is your way of thinking. It is your collection of beliefs that shape your thought habits. These thought habits greatly affect your attitude, feelings, and actions. 

Since rhythm is everywhere and is the energy of everything – a new mindset can help you stay on your path. 

Yes, you can sway left to right and right to left, go up and down or even crash with the waves. But it is just a pattern, a cycle. You can remain on the path you are on. Create a mindset that believes that no matter what happens, you can keep going.

3. Embrace the Flow of Life

There is joy in having everything all at once, right? You’re doing great at your job; your family is healthy and happy, you’re earning more than enough for needs and wants. It is a lovely feeling that you can’t explain, and you are more than grateful. But oh, the pain when it comes crashing down. The company you’re working for decides to close, you’re no longer earning enough, and your family is affected.  

Your focus then shifts from gratefulness to being stuck struggling. But struggling isn’t the answer. When you come face to face with wave after wave, we tend to cling to the negative side, but we shouldn’t. 

There is a reason why the Universe has decided to pull you back from where you were. 

It is time to learn to embrace the flow of life. The Universe wants what’s best for you and it guides you where you’re supposed to be. 

Remember, there is a time for happiness, and there is a time for sadness. There is time for pain and time for healing. 

Embrace the waves of life. We go through hardships and aches in life but, that doesn’t mean that we have to dwell on it. 

Swim through, my friend.

Parting Thoughts

Life is one big cycle. Same with our emotions, it can swing from one extreme to another but that doesn’t mean you can’t stay calm and harness the power of your rhythm.

Your rhythm can guide you to move forward in life so, say it with me:

I am one with the tide, wave, and flow of life.

I am rhythm itself.

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