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Harness The Power Of The Great Pyramid Through A Crystal Singing Pyramid

The crystal singing pyramid is a powerful sound healing tool. It has long been associated with The Great Pyramid of Cheops in Giza, Egypt. 

Before we talk about the power of the crystal singing pyramid, let’s first talk about the enigmatic structure with impressive characteristics, energies, and effects. 

There is evidence that the ancient Egyptians incorporated sound technology into the design of The Great Pyramid. Additionally, there has been discovered that the passage inside the Subterranean Chamber might have functioned as a sound resonance tube that generated infrasound with a base frequency of 5 Hz. 

Infrasound has an impact on the human brain. For one, it can induce feelings of nausea. It is also known to invoke feelings of anxiety, paranoia, and a sense of dread. There have also been scientific studies that show infrasound could be the reason behind sightings of ghosts and apparitions. 

Aside from the infrasound, an international research group applied methods to dig deeper into the electromagnetic response of the Great Pyramid to radio waves. According to scientists, under resonance conditions, the pyramid can focus electromagnetic energy in its internal chambers and under the base. 

With these pieces of evidence and discovered, the mysteries surrounding the pyramid continues. Still, one German artist bandmaster craftsman was able to sonically harness the power of pyramids. Dieter Schrade had a vision of creating quartz crystal pyramids as scaled-down versions of the Giza pyramid while on a trip through the Mojave Desert. 

It is well-known that Quartz crystal has the power to absorb, strengthen, save, and deliver energy to the user. Therefore, tools and instruments that are made of crystal are characterized by powerful crystal clear tones. 

Schrade was able to create a crystal singing pyramid made up of eight rods with 99.98 percent pure quartz and chimed to produce out-of-this-world tones and sounds. Furthermore, he created various sizes, and until today, he continues to make them. 

The sound they produce is said to be a combination of a drive of a gong and the sonic warble of a crystal singing bowl. 

Using the pyramid will connect the user to the mysterious power of Egypt. It is a vibrational tool combined with the healing qualities of quartz crystal with specific sacred geometry. 

However, be wary as there are now a lot of manufacturers of a crystal singing pyramid. Make sure you purchase a properly constructed one that you can use for healing, meditation, clearing, and energizing. 

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