Go Within With Piko Piko

Piko Piko, an ancient breathing style, means “center to center.” The Shamanic practitioners of Hawaii use this breathing style to relax and energize the body. 

The breathing style is a method that helps release tension and relax the body by bringing your awareness to various areas of the body and the natural world. Think of it like a different style of meditation. 

In Huna healing, there are a lot of energy centers, which is referred to as piko points. The most powerful piko points in the body are the navel and the crown of the head. This is because the navel is known to represent your physical source and lifeline, while the crown is a symbol of your connection to the spiritual real, or aumakua. 

Huna in Hawaii means “secret,” but in its purest form, it’s ancient knowledge that allows an individual to connect to his or her highest wisdom within. It is one of the original sciences of healing, enlightenment, and personal empowerment. 

Huna has taught ancient people in Hawaii to get in touch with their life-force energy, how to work with it, and to understand their individual connection with the environment and others. 

Here’s how to do the Piko Piko breathing:

Find a comfortable space and make sure you sit properly with your spine straight, arms and legs uncrosses, and your hands resting on your lap. 

  1. Inhale through the nose; allow the abdomen to expand, and exhale through mouth. Repeat. 
  2. Place your attention to the top of the head; feel the connection to what is above you. 
  3. Visualize your breathing in through the top of your head. Visualize breathing out through the navel. Repeat. 
  4. Visualize breathing in through the shoulders. Breathe out to the earth below. Repeat. 
  5. Visualize breathing in the horizon. Breathe out the navel. Repeat. 
  6. Visualize breathing in the future from above. Breathe out the past through your feet. Repeat. 

The Piko Piko breathing can last from two to ten minutes. When you’re done, you can start to ask questions of your spirit, or you can set an intention for the manifestations you want to come into life. 

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