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Gift Guide for Healing and Raising Vibrations

’tis the season to be jolly fa-la-la-la-la-la… 

I’m sure you’ve been hearing this music since the holidays have arrived. It is such a merry occasion, don’t you think? Gift giving, celebrating with family and loved ones, and giving thanks for the year that has passed. The only difference is – we’re celebrating amidst a pandemic. You might be having a hard time looking for gifts, that’s why I’m here! 

I am here to make it easy for you. Since we have all been through a lot this 2020, the best gifts we can give are love and support. We should end 2020 by focusing on ourselves and our healing journey. 

These gifts aren’t just for your family and friends, it’s for you too!

For the Person Who Needs Release

I think we all need healing. We all have wounds that haven’t closed yet and we all have our way of healing. But what if there’s a way to boost it? To make your healing process a smooth sailing journey by hitting the ‘play’ button.

I asked a friend to try Sacred Sound Healing System because she has had a rollercoaster ride this 2020. She lost her job, and she’s spending Christmas alone since she lives far from her family. I wanted her to prioritize herself and surrender everything to 2020.

These audios act as a guide in releasing emotional baggage that no longer serves a purpose in one’s life. It is a way to release negativity, clear blockages, and raise your vibration. 

I am sure it worked on her because she texted me saying, “Jace, I don’t know what’s with these audios, but after listening, I cried for 30-minutes, and after that, I felt lighter. I felt like I can get through 2020 and make 2021 my year. Thank you. I hope other people can find the beauty of this program.”

Looking for a way to release everything that’s no longer healthy for you? Or do you have a loved one that you care about so much and you just want to give them a virtual hug – this is the way to go! 

For the Person Who Wants to Raise their Vibration

For that targeted healing, I’ve got what you need! I absolutely love the Sacred Sound Healing Ultimate Library because it’s a library of over 12 amazing and effective healing audio track sessions. It doesn’t only focus on one area to heal, but it can tackle numerous areas that you want to start your healing journey on. 

There are audios not only for total health, peace, and divine well-being but are also for money miracles and attracting more love into your life. When you’re done with this program, your vibration will surely rise to the level you want. 

This is the perfect gift for your loved ones so that they can begin their journey in reaching their full potential. What’s lovely is that this gift came from you, brought to them with love.

For the Person Who Needs to Let Go

Negativity isn’t something we should allow to settle in our lives. You don’t have to run away from it too. You should face it and simply tell it to go away. The more you run from it, the more it will catch up to you and make you experience its effect. Negativity can come from a lot of unresolved issues. It can come from stress, addiction, money worries, fears, emotional eating, guilt, shame, and social media attachment. 

This December, say this affirmation out loud: I appreciate myself and my efforts. My path to healing is certain. To negativity, what do I say? “Never again.”

The best way to let go of negativity is to acknowledge it and work with it and bid it goodbye. The 7 Day Negativity Detox Solution can focus on the areas that you want to work on. 

Now, this isn’t just a gift to give. This is a gift that will truly have an impact on your family or loved ones’ life. You might even be the one to take them from where they are and place them in a great disposition in life. 

For the Person That Needs the Ultimate Transformation

I don’t know if you already know this, but I was so lost before. I never thought I would even be in this situation – where I can tell people my life story and inspire them to believe that there is more to life than where we are now. 

You see, I felt like I was at rock bottom before. It all happened so fast. I lost my job, my girlfriend left me, and the only mentor I looked up to ended up as a scam. I mean, really? He was my last hope, you know. I thought he could help me turn my life around. I should have seen the signs. But I was too blinded by my pain that I blindly trusted a man who said I had to worship a certain guru to find my path to happiness.

Remember this was when I just lost my job, so I had to borrow money to start my journey. But then one day, when I felt like it wasn’t working, I tried his website – it was gone. Like it didn’t exist, and I even found an article that the so-called mentor I believed in had been arrested. 

Where was I in all this? A believer who got scammed? A person who placed his beliefs blindly in someone else? 

Maybe you’re wondering how I got out of this pit. An old friend. Yes, that’s right. I saw an old friend, and I couldn’t believe my eyes – he embodied success. Years ago, he reminded me that he was in the same position as I was, but he found a way out of it. 

Through the wonders of the Magic Chakra Pendulum. I laughed. For real? You came from here to there because of crystals? And this is what shocked me, he answered me genuinely, putting my foolishness aside: I will give this to you. Keep it with you everywhere you go. Call me if you feel anything. 

I kept it with me at all times, and slowly but surely I kept waking up with feeling refreshed . The Magic Chakra Pendulum targets our 7 Major Chakras. The crystals act as a healing booster. It helped balance all my chakras. I didn’t even know chakras were real. But they are! 

The Magic Chakra Pendulum gives you the ultimate transformation as it protects you from negative vibrations, balances your chakras, frees you from all emotional blocks, and lets you live the life you deserve.

Look at where I am today. I want you to have this gift so that you can give this to those who need it. 

PS. Let’s just say that I did call my friend, and we laughed it off together. 

For the Pet that Needs Care

Have you ever wondered why your dog suddenly barks or howls at night? Or your cat keeps on making weird sounds at night, and they don’t stop even if you tell them to? In the end, you feel guilty for shouting at them, and you feel like you weren’t able to help them.

Just like us, our pets need care too. They can also experience stress, anxiety, and emotional trauma. So, what if there’s a way to let it all go away with a click of a button? Wouldn’t you want to grab this opportunity?

Instant Digital Pet Reiki combines the healing power of ancient Reiki masters with modern, sophisticated sound technology. It heals the energy pathways of your pet and allows its life force to flow healthily and naturally. It’s an amazing sound technology carefully crafted for animals. 

So, if you have a dog of your own (like me) or a friend who has a cat or any animal, this gift not only makes your pets happy and healed; but it also gives a sense of assurance to pet owners. 

Yes, you’re doing all that you can for them. Tap yourself and say: Good job, you’re a wonderful furparent.

For the Garden that Needs Special Healing

Admit it. We all have one family member or a loved one who has used this pandemic to become a plant lover. Or perhaps it’s you? Your house starts to become full of different kinds of plants. Hey, that’s not a bad idea. It’s an awesome idea!

There are specific plants that can liven up the energy of our home; some can even boost our healing. But what if these plants aren’t growing the way you want them to? Trust me, it’s not because you don’t have a green thumb. It might be because your plants require a special kind of healing. 

I know it sounds absurd but it’s true. There are numerous studies where plants react to positive affirmations. Especially when you talk lovingly to them – it boosts their growing process. 

That’s why I’m here to let you know that the most wonderful gift you can give your plants is Digital Plant Food Soundscape. These are audios that use a special, one of a kind, high-frequency 5D sound vibrational technology to feed special healing vibrations to your spiritual garden.

It’s like never-ending music of positive affirmations for them. Trust me, you’ll wake up one day and find that they’ve already grown because of you. Because of the  joy, care, and love that you give them.

For You

You are an amazing person for reading this gift guide. I hope you’ve found the perfect gift for yourself, your family, and your loved ones. 

Let this December be yours. It is your month. For happiness, wellness, and forgiveness. So that when 2021 comes, it won’t simply be another year for you. 

It will be your year. 

Happy Holidays! May you conquer whatever comes your way. May you live the life you deserve every single day! 

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