Get Rid of Lingering Negative Connections

Have you ever felt connected to a previous partner, no matter how many months have passed since you interacted with them? 

It’s those times when you feel a sudden energetic connection to them — a strong pull as if the cosmos are pushing you together. 

And just when you thought you’ve moved on, they will suddenly pop up back in your life, whether in the form of a dream, a text, or seeing them in the flesh. 

What is this lingering energetic connection and how to get rid of it? 

Energy Cords

This lingering connection you have with a previous partner is known as energy cords.

Energy cords are emotions, thoughts, and ideas exchanged between you and your ex-partner. Consider them as strands of information that can linger in between you and your ex even after you’ve left each other’s physical space. 

This happens when you connect with someone and they connect back, it activates an energetic connection between the two of you. You exchange energies. Energy cords can also reflect the nature of relationships as well. 

Be warned, though; energetic cords can last a lifetime. That is, if you don’t take action to cut it. 

Removing a cord can help a person release, forgive, and heal. 

Cutting Energetic Cords

The energy cords you share with someone can either be positive or negative. These cords exist when you’re in connection with someone. 

If you still feel a lingering connection to someone, and it’s something you want to get rid of, you can. 

1) Identify the Location of the Cord

To cut the energy cord, you need to know where it’s located first. Most cords are connected to particular Chakras. Identify this by going within and looking for where the pain in your energy or emotional body is whenever you think of the person or the situation.

Here are ways energy cords affect certain chakras: 

  • Solar plexus: You will feel a little more insecure than usual. 
  • Crown: You will find it challenging to soothe your thoughts. 

When you have found the spot, you can move on to the next step. 

2) Disengage Your Energy

If it’s a person you’re directly connected with, follow the “out of sight, out of mind” concept. Remove them from social media, delete their messages, and basically, get rid of anything that you have that reminds you of that person. Release that person from your physical space.

If it’s a situation you’re connected to energetically, clear your space and mind of anything that intensifies it. 

When you have eliminated the physical stuff, it’s time to tap into your spiritual self and disengage your spiritual body from that person or situation. 

  • Close your eyes and visualize you’re holding a ball of energy in your hands. 
  • Watch a stream of it coming back to you, pouring into the affected chakra.

If there’s more than one cord, repeat the process for each cord and person. 

3) Do the Final Cut

When you have received the last stream of light, scan your energetic body.

Check if you’re still holding onto any balls of light from that person’s energy. If you can still feel it, return it to them through the process above. 

After this, visualize a huge sheet of metal coming down between you and them and slamming to the ground. Listen to the sound it makes. 

Breathe and slowly, let your spirit turn away completely. 

Be Warned: Cords Can Form Again!

In some cases, multiple cord-cutting is needed, which usually happens when you’re always around that person. 

Additionally, if you’ve been through a breakup after a long or intense relationship, or if one of you is still struggling to get over the other, there’s a huge chance that the cords will re-form again. 

Be patient with yourself, and if you ever find yourself thinking of your ex-partner when you don’t want to, scan your body and check for cords that have resurfaced or came back. 

Set yourself free!

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