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Experiencing Kundalini Awakening: What You Need To Know

Kundalini, a Sanskrit word, means “she who is coiled.” It points to the primordial life force energy that is located at the base of the spine. The kundalini, being divine female energy, lies dormant in the root chakra. When it’s awakened, it will tap the chakras in the body and into the Crown chakra, where the higher consciousness will be triggered. 

Reaching this higher awareness leads you to a greater understanding of your soul and life purpose. 

There are situations where kundalini can be awoken. For some, it could be due to trauma, while others can invest in targeted practice, including kundalini yoga. 

How Do You Know If You Are Experiencing Kundalini Awakening? 

Here are some of the signs that you are experiencing a kundalini awakening: 

You Experience Emotional Reckoning

You find yourself going back to past experiences that make you feel sad or a sense of longing because they are no longer in your life. This can be unexpected and catch you off guard. For some, emotional reckoning may be a mindful experience that an individual is willing to go through one step at a time. 

You Start Releasing Pent-Up Energy Blocks

When you reach the point that you’re willing to release pent-up energy blocks and you are proactively taking steps to get to that.

Hence you will spend a lot of time thinking through the past. This is when you will come to peace with everything that’s happened in the past and be willing to release them. 

You Feel The Urge To Make Significant Changes In Your Life

When you’re in the process of kundalini awakening, there will be this strong urge to make significant changes in your life. This can be in every aspect of your life—from your diet, job, to the people you spend time with. You will realize the things that are not working in your life, and you will let go of them. 

You Become Conscious About What’s Holding You Back

You will start to realize that your ego has made you stuck in the past or future. It will make you realize that you have been in a state where you always expect the worst to happen.

This will lead you to become more conscious of your thoughts that keep you from experiencing the present moment. 

You Notice More Synchronicities Appearing In Your Life

When you’re in the process of a kundalini awakening, you will notice more synchronicities happening in your life. You start to experience more events when things just have a random way of working themselves out. 

You Become More Empathetic

Do you notice feeling more empathy towards others? It might be confusing and uncomfortable at first, but when you start experiencing this, it’s a sign your third eye is opening and you’re becoming acquainted with who you truly are. 

When you experience these, it’s best to meditate or do a Kundalini yoga class that will help you better clear out your energetic blocks. You should also boost your self-care and take it easy. Find ways how you can serve others.

Above all, trust the process. 

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