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Enlightenment: The Highest Frequency

Have you ever experienced enlightenment? 

How does it feel? 

One thing I know is, it feels amazing. 

Sadly, reaching the state of enlightenment isn’t easy. 

Enlightenment happens in the present moment. It resonates at 700-plus Hz per second, and it is known as the ego-less state. 

The Egoless State

Ego spoils our happiness; it is the source of spiritual ignorance. The ego is the root cause of doubts. The ego must be shed to enter a genuine spiritual state. 

The egoless state is the state of silence. When you reach a certain point in your life, you accept that you are the cause and effect of everything. Only then will your ego gets destroyed. 

Your Emotions And Their Vibrations

Every cell in the body is influenced by an emotional vibrational frequency that you manifest. Your emotions carry with them their own voltage, which resonates with the vibrational frequency they generate. The higher the vibrational frequency, the higher the expansion is. 

How To Achieve Enlightenment

It all starts with your desire to achieve or have enlightenment in your life. You might think that this is easy to do, but the truth is—your brain doesn’t like change, which is where the challenge lies.  If you’re one of them, write down reasons you want to have an enlightenment experience. You can also write down what enlightenment means to you. This will help the brain process the change. 

The next thing you need to do is get ready for the enlightenment experience. Doing a relaxation technique will help prepare yourself for enlightenment. It can be as simple as sitting down and taking deep breaths. There are also meditation practices you can take part in. 

You need to surrender to the experience by letting it all go. This is another challenging thing to do, but it’s important you let go and surrender as this will change something in your brain that will adopt the changes to welcome enlightenment. Leave your purposefulness to the process. 

Last but not least, you need to incorporate it into your thought processes to allow you to reflect on it. Reflection is a crucial part of the process when trying to achieve an enlightened state. 

Would You Vibrate At A Faster Rate? 

Suppose you reach enlightenment, and it’s become easy for you. Would you be able to vibrate quicker compared to other people?

Just imagine a vibration of 700—that’s a lot, right? Indeed, people who have reached this state will vibrate faster compared to people who haven’t reached the state yet. Keep in mind that an average person has a vibration of 200. 

With enlightenment, you are embodied with light. The more you are filled with light, the more you can see, the more you are awakened.

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