396Hz: Free Yourself From Fear and Guilt

Why do we feel fear? And guilt?

Why does it surround us, and why does it stay within us?

Because honestly, we all know that life would be easier without it. But I think it stays in our lives to keep us aware and fighting.

I don’t know about you but let me tell you what I fear the most and what I am constantly guilty of.

My greatest fear is when things are going in my favor, like right now — a great career, a loving wife, a sense of security — that life will sweep me off my feet and take it all away from me.

That’s my fear.

Like when it gets too good to be true, I always expect that something terrible will happen to ruin it.

So, instead of feeling gratitude and happiness, I feel guilty that I have it all. I feel guilty because I don’t think I deserve it.

Instead of thanking the Universe, I ask why this is happening to me. Holding on to such negativity lowers my vibration, and I know that. But I can’t help it.

This fear has etched its way into my heart, that I still carry it to this day. And the guilt, oh how I wish I can replace it with gratitude.

I know that I can’t keep living this way. So I made the conscious decision to fight it.

Liberate Yourself with 396Hz

We all have fear and something to be guilty of; That’s normal. But we can’t let it reign over our lives.

It can be anything—fear of losing your lob, fear of getting sick, fear of talking to people.

Some of us can be guilty of something from years ago—a lie, a mistake, or a decision you regret.

But it is time to let it all go!

This is your sign. The sign that tells you to be free.

To free yourself without spending thousands on therapy, meditation lessons, or yoga classes, I will share what helped me liberate myself.

It’s through sound healing. You see, fear and guilt are tied closely to your root chakra, so listening to this specific frequency will not only help you; It will open and balance your root chakra as well.

396Hz is one of the most powerful frequencies in sound healing. It helps release worries, fears, stress, and all the other hidden blockages you are not aware of.

It heals you from within and grounds you. 396Hz can also be used to awaken your higher self and it connects you to reality. You will see life as it is.

No fear, no guilt. Wouldn’t that be wonderful?

Because it is true, we all have our moments where we think we don’t deserve what we have now, and someone out there is much more deserving. And it needs continuous work and conscious effort to fight it.

So, whenever you find yourself drowning in these negativities, even just an ounce of such thoughts – immerse yourself in the magical power of 396Hz and rise above it.

How to Listen to 396Hz

  • Set aside time for your meditation. It will only take 15 minutes or less. But during this time, you have to be undisturbed. No distractions.
  • Find a comfortable place where you can lie down or sit – whatever works for you.
  • When listening to this Solfeggio frequency, don’t fight your mind and clear your thoughts. Simply listen in a relaxed state. Allow the frequency to flood over your mind, body, and spirit.
  • Feel its power. Now, think of all the things you fear or feel guilty about. Hold on to those thoughts – as if it’s a ball in your hand, getting bigger and bigger.
  • When you are ready to let it go, release your hands above you and lift it all to the Universe. You are now free.

You can do this at any time of the day. You can even repeat it twice a week until you have finally purged all of your fears.

Believe in yourself. Believe that you deserve to be free. And you will be.

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