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3 Steps To Test Your Vibration

We have talked about vibration so many times. At this point, you are aware that to heal or manifest; you need to be at a high vibrational frequency. 

But how do you know the level of vibration? 

Do you just assume?

Of course not—here are ways you can test your vibration: 

1. Identify Your Emotional State

It’s as simple as this—if you feel great, then you’re all good! That means you’re at a high vibrational space. On the other hand, if you feel bad, then your vibrations are low. 

Go within and check in with your emotional state. How are you in general? How are you feeling? 

Should you find yourself at a low vibrational space, then you need to work on your emotional state to raise it. After all, no one wants to stay stuck with low vibrations. You won’t be able to heal nor attract anything from there. 

2. Check Your Appearance

Indeed, looks are subjective, but you know exactly how you look better than anybody else. The easiest way to check your vibration is to check yourself out in the mirror. 

How are you looking relative to every other day? 

Sure, we have days when we just look amazing and that’s everything is just on point—the hair, skin, makeup, outfit, etc. However, it’s not like this every day. There are also days when you feel like blah. The days when you question yourself in front of the mirror—is it the hair? The eyebrows? 

The reality is, what you put out there is what you’ll get back. 

Therefore, if you are in a higher vibrational state, it will show!

You will be surprised at how quickly your appearance will change according to your vibrational levels. 

3. See What’s Manifesting Around You

When you’re at a high vibrational state, things will just go your way. You will notice that positive things will just happen. 

So, if you look around and notice that everything just works for you, then you’re at a high vibrational state, and this is the perfect time to start the healing or manifestation process. 

As we gain more awareness of the polarities between lower and higher vibrations, you will start to recognize a more significant division between the dark and light. You will find yourself consciously choosing between higher and lower vibrations, which will direct you towards a better life. 

Choose the light of a higher vibration and watch your life change for the better. Fortunately, there are various sound frequencies you can tune into to help raise your vibrations even more. 

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